Airtags used for packet tracking

AIRTAGS used for packet tracking

Apple "where is?"-network – in english too "find my network" called – works with ultra-wideband and bluetooth technology. However, its real power is that it can use the countless apple gates that are in the world to find out the location. A british journalist and hobbyist has now demonstrated how this can be driven to the top: he used apple’s freshly received uwb tracker airtags to pursue a package.

Iphone network is wide

Kirk mcelhearn, who is, among other things, as a blogger for the anti-virus company intego tatig, describes the attempt as follows: he took the 11 grams of heavy airtag, stuck him to a card, put him in a small air cushion envelope and then sent the packing about one of the red mailbox of the royal mail on the journey. From a village in the nearby stratford-upon-avon in the west midlands it should go to sudlondon. Already in the mailbox, the pack was recorded correctly – and some later, after emptying, in the sorting center. "That’s the fact that either the post office staff picked up the post office and delivered to the sorting center, an iphone – or someone else in the sorting center."

Arrive in london

Then the pack made on the journey. Mcelhearn could pursue how it went to the nearby city and then north. Also in a gross post center in the south midlands it was tackled. Mcelhearn used a script to regularly screenshots of the "where is?"-to make app on the mac. He saw several stops in which the pack was welfare, until it finally reached a sorting center near the receptionist. Also with this self – an iphone owner – dear the airtag of course places.

Problems with anti-stalking protection

However, what was always worked by apple’s anti-stalking function – actually a foreign airtag should be reported after three days about a one in the nearby iphone, to tell its owner that he or she is tackled. This did not take how hoped for three days after shipping of the pack – maybe because it was left in one place. External airtags – probably also after three days – also a rush of oneself. This is not very loud and only 15 seconds to horen. The airtags are increasingly interesting for hobbyists. So it succeeded by a developer, strings about the "where is?"-network to be shipped – completely offline goes without saying. The airtags were also already gejailbroken.