Mercedes: gle and glc as plug-in hybrid

Mercedes: gle and glc as plug-in hybrid

Mercedes puts on the iaa 2019 (12. To 22. September) two new plug-in hybrid. This is now in almost every segment at least one such drive concept of mercedes. Gle 350de and glc 300e units the system performance of 235 kw (320 hp), but otherwise little.

The big one of the two suv, the gle, goes on two places an unusual way. On the one hand, mercedes used here as a burner the internally om654 four-cylinder diesel. One of the main requirements in the development of this self-igner was a low nitrogen oxide outstood – with success: these engines are obedient to those diesel, which also emit little nox in the rde. The idea of using a diesel in a hybrid is not new, psa has already done that in the past. In the gle, the expansion stage is used with 143 kw (194 hp), which is installed, for example, in the c 220d (test).


Unusual possibly, mercedes also dimensions the battery. With 31.2 kwh capacity, it is the most widely built, which is installed in a plug-in hybrid offered in this country. Before not too long ago, this was an average e-auto equipment. It makes sense to be loaded with dc. On a "corresponding" charging clear it should be from 10 to 80 percent soc in ca. Walking 20 minutes, who has 10 minutes more time, the battery can also charge completely. With alternating current, up to 7.4 kw charging power are possible in both suv.

Whereby the truth also believes that with the gle here has to be moved all and not average car, but a pretty rough and heavy. At 4.92 meters he is about as long as a mercedes e-class t model. But already the 300d, which in principle has the same internal combustion engine weighs 2165 kg. The gle 300de is still added to the load of the battery. Mercedes will have its reason to conceal the weight of this "grun painted" model. 2.4 tonnes were allowed to be treasure.

Old norm

The electric range gives mercedes in the wltp with 90 to 99 km. It is the only value that the manufacturer specifies in the new cycle. Translating consumption, including the combined fuel consumption of 1.1 liters / 100 km and the power consumption of 25.4 kwh / 100 km are listed in the nefz. To the exhaust standard mercedes, but at least there is hope: mercedes belong to the few manufacturers who already offer a certain selection of euro 6d models.

The combination of a 143 kw burner and a 100 kw e-motor allows for itself in this heavy car very durable driving performance. For the maximum system torque of 700 nm, the diesel 400 controls, the e-motor 440. Mercedes calls 6.8 seconds in the standard sprint and 210 kmh top. After all, 160 km / h are purely electrical in it.


Compared to the gle, the glc acts much more compact, which he is also: just under 30 cm separate the two in the long. Mercedes writes, the customers had to accept only low-fitting restrictions in the trunk volume when they rather than a glc with the sole internal combustion engine the glc plug-in hybrid options. However, this is abundantly euphemistic, because instead of 550 it is only 395 liters in the part electrician – so just 25 liters more than in a mercedes a-class.

Weighing about 270 kilograms, with the difference between the sole combustion and plug-in hybrid not quite as drastically allowed as in the gle. Because mercedes builds into the glc 300e one with 13.5 kwh capacitance much smaller battery. The range in the wltp should be between 39 and 43 km. The consumption is also given here in the nefz: 2.2 to 2.5 liters and 16.5 to 17.8 kwh should be in the old cycle.

The powertrain is composed of a gasoline engine with 155 kw (211 hp) and a 90 kw e motor. The performance is again significantly flotter than in the glle. 5.7 seconds for the sprint at speed 100 and up to 230 km / h were also allowed to make a unacceptable driver.