Alternative trackpad folio for the ipad pro

Alternative trackpad folio for the iPad Pro

Anyone looking for an alternative to apple’s in-house magic keyboard for the ipad pro can now be found at logitech. The accessory specialist has introduced its own keyboard hull including trackpad for apple’s professional tablet with the folio touch, which are some advantages of the "original" has.

2018 and 2020 vintage usable

Currently only available in a variant for the ipad pro with 11 inches – whether a 12.9-inch version appears, initially unclear – the device is connected by means of apple’s proprietary smart connector interface. Therefore, the folio touch does not require its own battery, and a bluetooth connection does not have to be established. Compatible is the keyboard with ipad pro tablets from the years 2018 and 2020.

The folio touch is structured differently than the magic keyboard. So there is a separate stick to unfold to the ipad – it "hover" not. The kick stand can be adjusted at an angle of 40 degrees. The folio touch can be operated in four modes: "notebook"-mode, view mode (keyboard is below, for video z.B.), character mode (for work with the apple pencil) and in read mode (keyboard completely folded backwards).

No compatibility ies

Logitech promises that the trackpad of the folio touch works as well as that of the magic keyboard – connected by bluetooth, such as that of brydge, sometimes still show incompatibilities about the gestures. Weighing a weight of 646 grams is the folio touch slightly heavier than the magic keyboard from apple with just under 600 grams. A loop for the apple pencil has installed logitech.

Particularly practical at the keyboat hull is that you have a function key row. This is traditionally away from apple with its ipad keyboards. For example, with the logitech, you can quickly call the homescreen, the spotlight search, set the loudly, check a media reproduction or control the backlight of the keyboard as well as the brightness. This corresponds to the standard that logitech had already made at combo touch for alter ipad models – apple could cut off a slice here.