Ar glacier of apple allegedly semitransparent

AR glacier of Apple allegedly semitransparent

It was allowed to be the central apple project of the coming years: augemented reality glasser, the look like a regular glasses. According to a current report of the information in the meantime, the group has managed to produce semitransparent lenses for such a device.

The lenses should be little thicker than regular spectacle glass. The central components should now be advanced from the prototype stage in cooperation with apple’s long-term finished foxconn from taiwan to a trial production.

Production lines

A single production line was now opened in the sudwest chinese chengdu according to the report. Otherwise ipads are produced here. The source of the information according to apples ar glasses, the lenses have already reached the engineering validation test stage (evt) in which thousands of units can be manufactured. The design is already available, in the evt stage is then checked if a mass production is possible as a privileged.

Before entering this phase, a new product or a new component in apple continues to run any dozens of prototypes of prototypes in the us and china. At least since may evt should have been reached. This does not mean that apple’s ar-glaser will soon come into the trade. It could certainly take one to two years, my experts.

Apple glass from 500 dollars?

In may, there had been a report, according to the apple, it is certainly "glass" call.An apple leak expert claimed the entry-level model will cost 500 us dollars. If you like, you can miss the glasses of the glasses also make a corrective glass, but cost extra.

Screens allegedly stuck in both glasses of glasses, this is, similar to the apple watch, constantly connected to the iphone, which probably as "computer" work.