Bmw, audi and daimler continues to grow in the world market

Bmw, audi and daimler are on record price after the first four months of 2012. Also in april, the rivals took the crown in the upper class segment and sold more cars. While model change in china daimler braked a little, all in all, the three german nobel brands are farther away. Audi sold around 125 in april worldwide.200 cars, an increase of 14.4 percent. This summon the sells in the first four months already at 471.300 cars, which are 11.7 percent more than a year ago, as the group announced on wednesday in ingolstadt.

Shadow is especially in sudenuropa. For example, in italy, sales decreased by 10 percent, in spain by a good 7 percent – here the debt crisis leaves significant traces, but the market with some thousand vehicles are not particularly rough anyway. It was all the better for the volkswagen subsidiary in china, the most important market for the upper bavaria. In the realm of the center, audi laid 44 percent in april 34.221 cars too. Also in the us it went up. "With 11.521 sold automobiles and a plus of 15 percent we already have the 16 in april. Record month reached in a row", said distribution leader peter schwarzenbauer.

Bmw once again drove a sales record in april. Worldwide sold industry sprimus 145.505 cars of brands bmw, mini and rolls-royce, a good 6 percent more than a year ago, as the group announced on tuesday – and thus more than ever in a april previously. In the first four months, sales figures add up to 571.040 vehicles – also a new record. That’s almost ten percent more than in the same period 2011. Especially in asia and in north america, it continued to move up to upper bavaria.

In china alone, the sales in april increased by almost 31 percent. There bmw put almost 27.200 vehicles off. The minus in europe was limited to 2 percent. Daimler had already reported a significant rint of china last friday and called as a reason model change. The weak month there also braked the entire growth. The stuttgart sold with 113.901 cars of brands mercedes-benz, smart, maybach and amg 3.5 percent more. In the first quarter, the growth was clearly failed.