Bmw, audi, opel and mclaren on secret test ride

Bmw, audi, opel and mclaren on secret test ride

Hair, 27. April 2012 – this year, some interesting candidates to race around the favor of the customers. We show up-to-date erlzonig images from the next bmw 3 series touring, the sporty audi s3 and the successor to the legendar mclaren f1. There are also some photos of opel’s new small car, which will live adam.

Bmw 3 series touring

The new 3er touring, who is internal f31, is presented at the ami in leipzig. Bmw holds on the preserved concept, which is also the new one no room giant. Nevertheless, he should offer in indoor and trunk a little more space than the very successful transaction. The motors take over the station wagon of the sedan: for the gasoline, we expect 320i (184 hp), 328i (245 hp) and 335i (306 hp). The diesel engines: 316d (115 hp), 318d (143 hp), 320d efficientdynamics edition (163 hp), 320d (184 hp). Stronger diesel and weaker gasoline companies were allowed to be drafted after the handler premiere, which is probably already in september. The price for the 316d, which becomes the cheapest model for the time being, should be around 32.000 euro.

Opel adam

The name of opel’s new microscope is probably not chosen without a certain wink, just beating the opel grunder also adam opel. By doing so, the gm subsidiary wants to occupy how important the adam for the bad brand. Maybe at the end of the year, the small car should come on the market. He enters the vw up among other things. First of all, two petrol engineers are used with 70 and 85 hp, but in the long term is also worked on an electric version. Diesel engines should not exist. The entry price of the smallest opel is under 10.000 euro.