Bmw builds mini with pure electric drive

Bmw builds mini with pure electric drive

Munchen, 20. October 2008 – bmw puts a small series of the mini with pure electric drive: by the end of the year, the munchner want to produce a fleet of around 500 mini e, which relate to their drive energy from lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries. The cars will go in the leasing procedure in selected private and corporate clients in the us state of california, new york and new jersey. Was officially presented for the first time the electric lick on the los angeles auto show on 19. And 20. November 2008.

Tempo 100 in 8.5 seconds

The e-mini is driven by a 150 kw electric motor, which sends a maximum torque of 220 newton meters over a single-stage spur gear to the front wheel. The car accelerates 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds. The highest speed of the mini e is limited electronically to 152 km / h or 95 mph (miles per hour).

Power storage instead of random seat

The range of the mini e lies according to bmw at uber 240 kilometers. However, the battery packs take the entire room of the back seat bench: there are three battery elements with a total of 5088 li-ion cells, which are summarized in 48 modules. The total capacity of the energy store amounts to 35 kwh, its nominal voltage 380 volts dc. Bmw gives the amount of energy for "a complete recharge" the battery with a maximum of 28 kwh – in driving, it will therefore be unloaded by a maximum of 80 percent.

In city traffic, according to bmw, three quarters of all delay expiries can be completed without the help of the brakes. In these situations, the electric motor operates as a generator and converts excess kinetic energy into electric current, which is fed into the drive battery. But these "recuperation gains" introducing the range depend on the range depending on the driving profile by up to 20 percent. The mini is a kilowatt hour for a distance of up to 5.4 miles, which corresponds to a power consumption of 11.5 kwh to 100 kilometers.