Bub money for europcar: car hire without knowledge of the driver is located

The europcar car rental company has a part of its fleet without customer knowledge by navigation system gps. The company must be 54.000 euro bub money pay. This has decided by the hamburg commissioner for privacy johannes caspar and communicated on tuesday.

The company based in the hanseatic city had built in 1300 high-quality vehicles of orientation systems to be able to clarify the diebstahle more easily. In addition, it should be checked whether the tenant is still in the agreed area. In addition to the location, date, time and also the speed of the cars were recorded.

For the location has been a company in schleswig-holstein since 2004. There, the investigations showed that even without the occasion, even every 48 hours a location of the expensive cars took place. This was not allowed, according to data protection authority, because the drivers knew nothing of it. "The secret location of rental vehicles and the secret control of the tenants represent a severe procedure in their personal rights," said caspar. "The car rental company has it in hand to create motion profiles of his customers."A complaint had aware of the data protection officer on the practice of europcar.

In the meantime, europcar has given the details of the regular location all 48 hours. Over the transmission of the gps data in "alarm traps", customers are now informed in advance and have to agree to their lease. This will ensure that no secret monitoring will take place more, striking it at the author. A europcar spokeswoman explained on tuesday, your company will pay the book money immediately.