Cadillac ventures under the station wagon manufacturers

Cadillac ventures under the station wagon manufacturers

Lisbon, 10. January 2008 – that cadillac once offered a station wagon from the factory, goods have been unthinkable a few years ago. There were only partly imposing conversions to the health or funeral vehicle by external body cutting. But with the new bls wagon, the gm nobel brand has broken the taboo. That under the hood of the caddy combination is a self-cord to work, hardly surprises, justified the diesel aggregate already debuted in the bls sedan in 2006.

Fub grasp in europe

The mid-range series is the attempt of probably american all car brands to grasp on the old continent fub. The bls is a pretty suitable vehicle: limousine and the bls station started now comes from the parallel group general motor’s combined model building kit. On the same platform as the bls, models such as the opel vectra and the saab 9-3 are therefore. The motors are already in use at gm.

Similarity with the saab-kombi

Therefore, we do not even surprise us that the new bls wagon is awarded to the saab 9-3 sportcombi, especially in the sideline. Overall, however, the sheet metal dress of the intragroup competitors have so many differences that they are hardly awarded to confuse the finns with the ami. The bls has the typical gillette nose of the modern cadillac fleet and also offers otherwise a sharp cut as curves.