Chernobyl30: displeasant pictures from the death zone

With his project chernobyl30, the photographer heiko roith wants to set the reactor catastrophe of chernobyl a picture-resistant monument. The first shoot took place in august 2014, more shootings are scheduled in autumn and winter. In the spring of 2015, the journey should then go to ukraine last time. This is also the last opportunity to photograph the current state of the illusion reactor. In 2015, the ongoing work on the new sarcophagus should be completed. The gigantic new concrete coat will cover the savory reactor block fully.

Chernobyl30: pictures from the death zone

Chernobyl30: Displeasant pictures from the death zone

16. Stock, skyscraper in prybiad

The goal of chernobyl30 is to create a picture reminder so that the catastrophe is not forgotten. On 26. April 2015 the traveling exhibition should be opened in northern bavaria. This region was then significantly affected by the radioactive departure. As another stations of the traveling exhibition are currently provided by hamburg, munchen, phildelphia and bremen. On 26. April 2016, so on the anniversary of the catastrophe, the exhibition of the city of chernobyl should be handed over so that the pictures can be seen permanently.