Electric car study in the 1-person robe

Electric car study in the 1-person robe

Munchen, 17. December 2009 – from 11. To 24. January is the auto show detroit, on the bmw, is natural with an electric car. The munchner has opted for not to continue revolutionary at a further revolutionary, on the contrary: the concept activeensthe optically of the 1er coupe, although, of course, the insurances require considerable interventions in the platform. After all, bmw can demonstrate that even a usual vehicle concept "electrifiable" is, without, for example, massively affecting the storage space. That this succeeds in a reasonable way is the modular arrangement of the drive components in the vehicle floor to owe, which also notes a deep focus, in the sense of self-negative spirit of the brand.

On the way to the electric series

That according to bmw "realistic" concept activee is a component in the context of the "project i". It is about the development of a series-maby electric car, which should come to the market under a sub-brand from bmw until 2015. Initial to testing the mini e, a fleet of electric 1er coupes of private customers in everyday life should now be tested. In addition to recognizing the concept activee on blue graphics elements, which are to remind of tracks, there are blue rings on the tire or blue painted kidney. Instead of the tachometer, a display for battery capacity can be found in the cockpit. A second instrument shows how much electricity is currently removed from the battery or returned by recuperation. The charging cable is housed in an extra storage compartment between the left wheel arch and the power electronics.


His energy refers the four-seat concept activee from newly designed lithium-ion batteries that come from the cooperation partner sb limotive. Behind it hides a joint venture of bosch and samsung sdi. A flux refrigeration system increases the life of the power storage. The large battery unit occupies the space of the conventional drive train in the lower part of the vehicle, further memory cells are located where else the fuel tank is sitting. Even the place in front of the front wall is used for accommodation of some li-ion cells. So the interior (in contrast to the electrical mini) remains unnecessary, only the accommodation of the power electronics over the rear axle and e-engine costs space, the trunk volume is reduced to 200 liters. The total weight of the vehicle is about 1800 kilograms.


The electric motor of the study makes 125 kw / 170 hp, the maximum torque is 250 nm. The acceleration from zero to 100 km / h takes less than 9 seconds according to bmw. Maximum are electronically limited 145 km / h possible. The range of the concept activee quantifies the manufacturer to around 160 kilometers in everyday life – not only on the paper. An intelligent battery­management is intended to ensure that it is largely independent of the external climatic conditions.