Electric heaters: audi e-tron at the iaa 2009

Electric heaters: audi e-tron at the iaa 2009

Frankfurt / main, 16. September 2009 – tesla has made it that audi should also be: an electric car, which does not only wear in everyday life from a to b, but just makes spab. So a certainly not cheap dangerous has the advantage that the high cost for the drive battery of the target group does not hurt so much.

E-car in sporty robe

But the e-tron is also a prestigious project that should show what everything is feasible. Audi already decided in the concept phase to adapt all components and technologies to the new requirements of electrical mobility. The factors were the factors efficiency, range and practicality. The result struggles strongly that of the audi r8 and actually are wheelbase, width and high practically identical. Only in the long way there are differences: at 4.26 meters, the e-tron is 17 centimeters short than the design model r8. Not without reason, the choice fell on the mid-motor sports car, because so stays in front of the rear axle room for the approximately 470 kilograms of heavy battery, the inverter and the power electronics. Audi gives the energy content of the battery with 53 kw (usable are 42.4 kwh). After currently breaking treasures, such a breaker had at least 35.000 euro costs and after optimistic forecasts is hardly less than 20 in the medium term.000 euro. What’s it, with a super athletes of this category, the customers probably became little states.

Newly designed interior

The cockpit of the audi e-tron orientes itself to the driver: instead of the classic combination instrument, the study has a coarse fold-out central display with integrated mmi functions, it is located between two flanking round instruments. Operation takes place via a touch-sensitive scroll field on the steering wheel, similar to modern mobile phones. The right round­instru­ment informs about the speed, links the driver experiences the retrieved performance. The election lever with which the driving steps are determined, driving out from the center tunnel at startup.