Everything is about ghosn

Tokyo, 18. December 2015 – last week france signed a peace treaty with japan. A painful dispute has been enclosed. The most important and most successful alliance between japan and france were almost broken by that, namely the between nissan and renault. A few days of spater, in a wooden seat hall, somewhere in the upper floors of the nissan headquarters in japanese yokohama, two chairs beside carlos ghosn, who came from paris to explain the natives to the peace.

Ghosn is the boss of both war-leading parties, nissan and renault. He has forced peace, and you can see him the hard fight. It has been written much about the war and the peacekeeping, details that must not be recalculated now. How did it come to the war? I want to describe that today, according to research in japan and france,.

The foreign legion in tokyo

Ruckling, japan, 1999. Nissan, second-gray car manufacturer to toyota, how many other japanese companies, is almost bankrupt after the economic collar in the years before. Daimler beautifies the blessed bride, for the purpose of a marriage in the "world ag" with chrysler, but then decides for mitsubishi. In torchschluspanik, nissan agrees with a not exactly. Renault was escaped just a few years before the possession of the french state, and was almost bleeding himself. The french carmaker invests five billion dollars, boss louis schweitzer tells his right hand, the franko-brazilian lebanese carlos ghosn, he should pack the suitcases, and rescue nissan. Ghosn shart a troupe of the 22 best people of renault. Shortly thereafter, the french blessed legion in tokyo.

Experts predicted the airlander company konne only to end bose, because the proud japanese were more likely to cut off the stomach, instead of 23 french people who could not even deal with sockets.