Finally a bit of power

Stuttgart, 26. June 2014 – the 240 d 3.0 is 40 years ago the first serial car with a funfzylinder diesel engine. The 80 hp 3.0-liter self-cord makes the main "stroke-eight" models of the w115 series to the fastest diesel cars in the world.

Funfzylinder diesel engines are not primarily new 40 years ago, in trucks and as stationary argates they have already preserved well. But with the use in a car mercedes-benz supersede a pioneering role. The new engine accelerates the 240 d 3.0 in 19.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, the highest speed is 148 km / h (automatic: 20.8 seconds, 143 km / h). This is the 240 d 3.0 at the time of his idea at the top of the diesel cars. However, with 10.8 l / 100 km in the early third mix, he is not externally economical.

The french nerves

With the development of the motor om617 (om = ol engine), mercedes-benz reacts to the needlesticks of the french competition. Peugeot diesel engines have always to offer more power despite smaller displacement during this time. In peugeot 504, the xd90 suction diesel engine operates with 2.11 liters of displacement, which makes 65 hp and to be added later from the xd2 with 2.3 liters displacement, which outputs 70 hp. None of the former mercedes pre-chamber engines can give you the water. Hindellich is the philosophy of the development chief: for him, a diesel engine should be in particular other quiet and turning as high as a gasoline. After torque is not researched.

Accordingly, the performance data of the mercedes four-cylinder ol motors read. The 200 d conducted 55 hp, the 220 d 60 hp and the 240 d gave 65 hp. How should one tickle a few ps and still a few nm torque, without having to invest equally in an expensive and heavy six-cylinder? Funf cylinder appear as the optimal compromise.

Ferdinand piech with on board

The engineers develop the series funft cylinders om617 for use in the series car based on the 240 d, the 2,4-liter four-cylinder with the term om616. Its preserved properties such as the drive of the camshaft with a stable timing chain are retained. However, the funfzylinder receives a new bosch injection pump connected by olcanals to the olectric circulation of the engine and therefore is maintenance-free. Only a few know that ferdinand piech, the grandson of ferdinand porsche and father volkswagen ceo of the development of the om617 was involved in the development of the om617. At that time he operates an engineerburo in stuttgart, which takes over for mercedes smaller projects. He also brings this knowledge with audi. There are also funfzylindermotors.