Jetbrains updated his .net tools rider and resharper on version 2020.2

JetBrains updates its .NET Tools Rider and Resharper to version 2020.2

Jetbrains has version 2020.2 of the .Net development tools resharper and rider. This will leave jetbrains the update series of his ides. In the past few weeks, the toolman had already updated intellij idea, webstorm, clion and other ides.

Analyze nullability code

Both development environments have a nullability code analysis in the luggage that can track nullability errors if contained in code deconstruction or foreach loops. New is also a review of the unit test runner – both for that .Net framework as well as for the .Net-core. For both runtimes, which exports visual studio, can now use the same runner. This apparently reduces some problems recognizing, exporting and debugging unit tests. Developers probably get the complete control over unit test hierarchies .Net-core tests.

For developers on the universal windows platform (uwp), the newly integrated support for compiled bonds with x: bind was allowed to be interesting. Both ides get with the update the possibility to remove x: bind code and to make multiple inspections with the corresponding quick fixes.

New debugger api and support for unreal engine

After the ides webstorm, phpstorm and intellij idea also has rider, a cross-platform ide for .Net developer version 2020.2 reached. As some of the other ides of the company, the update aims for improved connection to git or github. The current release brings a separate window for the pull requests. If you have the right permissions, you can use change from the ide or assign team members.

Rider 2020.2 in addition, a new debugger api, which apparently optically does not offer much new, offers much new, but under the hood some changes ready. Planned as the basis for future versions, the new interface plug-into more options for the debugging process should provide. In addition to a so-called super-lazy value calculation with possibilities for interruption, the api offers the possibility for a user-defined value representation.

Localization manager creates table for overview

The update also provides developers a tool to help .Locate net applications or websites: developers receive a table with all content in certain or all in localization manager .Resx files of a project. In this way, resources can be traces that are neither localized nor used. These can again edit users, rename or add new ones.

With regard to the game development, rider 2020 is supported.2 from now cg and hlsl shader. In addition to highlighting the syntax and semantic errors, the update also allows code completion and refactorings. The ide is now apparently shader files, including macros. In addition, it will navigate developers to macro definitions and allow the extension that directly in the code. Rider 2020.2 also provides a first support for the unreal engine. Interested parties can use the early access preview for free after registration.

Resharper makes clean

Developers can configure the visual studio extension resharper to automatically carry out code cance cleans when saving a file. The activation of the new function is via resharper | options | code editing | code cleanup. Under this path, the possibility of automatically saving the adjusted files can be found.

Resharper 2020.1 the backend carried the backend under macos and linux standard mab on the .Net-core runtime and returned the mono-runtime to the jerk. The current version leads the command line tools of resharper on windows, linux and macos now .Net core. With the changeover, the tools can be used as a global .Install net core tool.

With the current version, the developers behind resharper have handed over the navigation to the uses of types from external assemblies. Now the ide new peek actions are ready to view the results of gear resharper actions in a peek definition view. The update also brings updates for c ++ / cli support.

Further details can be found on the investment pages to resharper and rider. The tools are independent both individually and in the package. Free variants like intellij idea do not exist for all users. However, as with other tools, jetbrains offers it, among other things, for open source projects and students. Since 2015, there are all ides of the manufacturer in a subscription to the price within the first three years. The price for resharper starts for single users in the first year at 129 euros, the ultimate variant at 149 euros and the package with rider at 179 euros. Rider alone costs for single users 139 euros in the first year.