Kubecarrier: cloud-native service management with kubernetes operators

Kubecarrier: Cloud-native service management with Kubernetes operators

An operator for kubernetes operator announces the hamburg company kubermatic (formerly loodse) under the name kubecarrier. The new open source project manages the kubernet’s api and kubernet’s operators in a framework with which a central administration point for service management is set up. Kubecarrier allows users to provide both cloud-native software as well as services from a single multi-cloud and multi-cluster stroke from.

Automated lifecycle management

In order to provide and manage tens of thousands of applications, functions and other resources across different clouds and regions, kubermatic promises a comprehensive scalability for kubecarrier, which should range from up to several thousand kubernetes clusters. Kubecarrier is to support companies specifically in their cloud-native transformation, as kubermatic-ceo sebastian scheele emphasizes, and also provide room for further growth in managed environments – took care of kubermatic kubernetes platform and kubeone.

In addition to the native support for kubernetes operators, kubecarrier acts as an application service store with automatic configuration and customizable application services. Users can centrally control both lifecycle management as well as automatic provisioning of services, applications as well as apis responsive hardware. In addition, kubecarrier serves as a dynamic registry – cloud, region and computer center-uschraufend. The right management and the user administration in multi-tennant environments can also be handled centrally with kubecarrier.

Kubermatic is currently in version 0.3.0 open source software from now on apache-2.0 license available. Cleaner information can be found in the blog post to the envision of kubecarrier and on the github page to the project.