Lee iacocca: work hard, play hard

Lee iacocca: work hard, play hard

The ration came in about the telegraph. Not even personal could or did the city of new york wanted to set lee iacocca in february 1986. An impudence of such biblical dimension, that even frank sinatra personal at prassident ronald reagan called to complain.

For four years, iacocca chairman of the commission had been a hundred-year celebration of the statue of liberty. He had led donations and proposes to work on how the money could be used. 230 million dollars had used the commission, 305 million he has collected. But the premieges in the public were no longer overhorned: iacocca was contributed to the supercomicization of a symbol. For him was the honorable.

Iacocca was already a survival groove manager legend at this time. He had introduced the american people that the american dream is not myth, but that he let himself work out.

His parents came from italy and operated a pizza bag. At lido anthony, so the complete name, the parents set ambitious eligibility. "Never give yourself satisfied, strive to perfection. Never give up, never."That was the mantra, which his father passed him, which served as a leadership of his education. And of course: "standstill is a jerking step."

Emotionally, in 1946, he began his career at ford in 1946 – as a trainee in the development department. At this time he was 22 years old and engineer. He was talented, knew how to make advertising in our own thing and was a charismatic speaker. The career ladder at ford was a escalator for him. From him, wide parts of the ford mustang, who came to the market in 1964 and charged a completely new vehicle class. And because corporations can be grateful, it was already appointed in 1965 to the vice-preacher, 1970 then to the prassident. How to start the arger.

Because iacocca was a power of his career. One who was convinced of oneself. Consensus management relucted him. You do not have to do it all right, so his opinion. Otherwise, in the end no one is the responsibility and the company is lost flexibility.

Henry ford ii, who also did not have the reputation compromise, transferred iacocca the control over all parts of the company. Just not over the assembly plants. Of those iacocca had no idea after his own statement, but he did anyway. Because his process had this control. Iacocca evaluated that as a lack of trust.

"Sometimes you do not like one."

Strictly speaking, the employment loss had ended at this point. But iacocca stayed and became on 13. July 1978 – after 32 years at ford – dismissed with the words: "sometimes you do not like one."How bad this rationale hit the selfmade-man can be read in his first biography of 1985, which resembles a billing with henry ford ii. The power iacocca for the drinker and lebemann, for the moody despot.

And from such one, the starmanager did not want to smash out. Iacocca immediately amed the boss in chrysler. At that time, this item such a suicide order. After record losses, qualitatosis problems and quarrels with the unions was the company on the ground. The public expected iacocca to handle chrysler.

But he did not. First of all, he negotiated with volkswagen uber. But the wolfsburg waved – to desastros was the financial situation of the americans. In his need, iacocca turned to the american state, who approved a castle shank over $ 1.2 billion.

With this money and hard hand, iacocca made itself the renovation. Debtor had to renounce rough parts of their claims. In addition, around $ 700 million was converted into dividend-free preferential papers. 20.000 workers, so the half of the workforce then had to go, overall traws were closed. 33 of 50 top managers got a kick.