Microsoft and docker want to provide containers together in azure

Microsoft and Docker want to provide containers together in Azure

Microsoft and docker sell a new partnership. The focus is on the docker desktop to bring to microsoft azure and the visual studio products.

Docker desktop brings tools, functions and command line services that allow it to determine azure natively as a context. This allows containers in the cloud export. According to the examination, few commands range to take off containers in azure containers. Developers can use this product integration to create azure container instances (aci) and thus work without orchestration in isolated containers.

Docker desktop brings usable standard tools

For illustration, the following example serves from the article on the microsoft azure blog. It is easy to see on the transmission control protocol (tcp) based python game server application, which is already created on the local developer calculator with docker desktop and run. The application depends on a slim version of linux and other dependencies in requirements.Txt. The docker tools extension integrated in visual studio code allows easy commands builds and runs to docker desktop as well as a push to a private container registry in docker hub. The new 2-version of the windows subsytems for linux (wsl2) should be easier to implement.

Microsoft and Docker want to provide containers together in Azure

Microsoft sees in the standard tools, the docker desktop already brings an advantage for providing a container in azure. The cooperation between the two companies is to summarize docker desktop, visual studio, wsl2 and github to obtain a cloud-optimized desktop. Further information on the newly closed partnership can be found in the press release of docker.