Replacement toyota rav4 phev

Toyota is on the los angeles car show (22. November to 1. December 2019) one of its most important models as plug-in hybrid. The toyota rav4 also gets a high performance with the electrification.

The toyota rav4 is one of the best selling suv models worldwide. In the mid-1990s started in the compact class, he has successfully established himself in europe, asia and the usa. In the current generation, he helped toyota to spread the hybrid drive: from the 120.000 rav4 models sold in europe were more than 105.000 delivered as a hybrid version.

Market entry in the summer 2020

Since in the medium term on many markets without plug-in version is no longer so easy to the fleet consumption goal, it is no surprise that the rav4 is presented on the los angeles auto show as phev. The market entry is planned for the second year’s full 2020.

So far, only the toyota prius (test) was optionally available as a conventional or as a plug-in hybrid model. With the rav4, toyota brings out the second phev of his model range. As with prius, the rav4 the phev version becomes the new top model.

The phev version, which is called in the usa as a "prime", is to get a system performance of 225 kw and 228 nm in a nutshell as a awd. Currently the rav4 offers 163 kw system performance and 221 nm overall torque as a four-wheeled hybrid version.

The fossil part of the drive remains the preserved 130 kw of 2,5-liter gasoline tins without charging and direct injection, integrated into the powertrain over a planetary gear with two electric machines. Supported by its electric motors, he should now accelerate the rav4 from the stand in 6.2 seconds to tempo 100. The current awd hybrid model requires 8.1 seconds with an 88 kw electric motor in front and a rear with 44 kw. The values for the coming rav4 were not yet mentioned. As co2 emission, toyota talked at the fair of "under 30 g / km".

Four-wheel drive with electrified rear axle

As before, the rear axle of the rav4 awd (test) is driven by an electric motor and only with energy from the lithium battery header still unexposed capacity in the subsoil supplies when it requires traction. Futurally operated with battery current, the rav4 should resume around 60 kilometers.

At least for the us versions, the standard equipment with heated and electrical seats, animated instruments, an eight-inch rough touchscreen, 18-inch alloy wheels and an electric tail flap is already extensive at the basic model toyota rav4 se. On request, there are also features like panoramic roof, heated seats in the rear, led headlights and for the first time at toyota a colored head-up display.