Report: trial subscription for apple tv + are required

Apple has decided to extend its one-year apple tv + -probobo for builders of macs, iphones, ipads and apple tv boxes for three more months. This reports the apple blogger rene ritchie on twitter. According to its information, the trial phase does not run as expected at the end of october 2020, if you have started this directly at the start in november 2019. Instead, the subscription continues until the end of january 2020 for free.

Goodwill because of 2020

The goodwill shows apple according to ritchie due to the events of the year 2020. "Principle are free up to three months." father started trial phases are apparently also defining: who, for example, on 15. Completed november 2019, looks up to 15. February 2021 for free. Paying customers apparently also benefit: you should be reimbursed from november to february each month of the month, which lies in 5 us dollars (5 euros). Users are apparently getting codes that you can then use in the app store and other apple services.

Currently it is still unclear whether the offer applies worldwide or only in the us – however, it would be unusual when apple has made a restriction on its own service tv + here.

So the ration

Who fears, despite apple’s relocation later to pay for the service, can very easily know. On the iphone you go to the app store and elects its account (icon in the upper left corner). Under "subscription" or "subscription" then find yourself the currently completed subscriptions. There you then election "apple tv+" and can see the trial phase.

Apple tv + interested users should take a look at an annual subscription: in this saves 10 euros (50 instead of 60 euros). Even cheaper will, if you acquire the emotion about a hypocritical code certificate. This is regularly available in the german retail trade, here savings are up to 25 percent (or extra vouchers in themselves) in it.