Switches that dead

When i drive a car i often think of motorcycles. This not only happens in boring cars, but also in cars that show behavior that is difficult to understand. Then i want a kill switch. Since most drivers apart from racing are more familiar with the start / stop button, here is a brief description: the kill switch, too "emergency switch" called, hard electric turns off the ignition, with current motorcycles including a fuel pump. The start / stop button, on the other hand, is a software button. Software buttons have the advantage that they are very flexible because they can negotiate their behavior. No, if that’s soo, then i don’t turn off the engine. These negotiations are not always desirable.

Devices switched by software with their only unclearly definable state of on or off are used, for example, in things that are actually never really off. The camera and microphone of every computer of any size are in principle always switched on in the sense that they can be used silently at any time as soon as software softly switches them on. This is how functions are like today "when i press the record button, i want to record the 15 seconds beforehand" very easy to implement. That is why a good number of the documents published by snowden deal with compromising such devices.

Driving is not a democracy

In my opinion, however, there must be a final level on a vehicle that is no longer negotiable by the machine. The kill switch is therefore my friend. As a newcomer to the area "when does the motorcycle fall over?" researching i learned to use the kill switch as a reflex as soon as the dynamic driving stabilization could no longer be saved. Ultimately, that saved my engine. There are motorcyclists who convert the kill switch into a hazard warning system, because the stvzo does not require it, but these are touring riders whose satanic haresies should not be obeyed. A button that reliably turns the engine off hard is great. A start / stop button is a denigration of this pure, harsh teaching. Driving is not a democracy, but a dictatorship. The vehicle’s right to have a say should end where i, the dictator, press the button for "end, off, end, kill, kill, kill".