These are the most valuable cars

German cars are particularly valuable on the used car market, it says the new edition of the scrap automobile index (sax). The sax is published in the current seed dialogue, the customer magazine of eurotax tail. The roadster, tightly followed by the railing wagon / suvs, proved to be the most valuable vehicle class. Lower-class limousines, on the other hand, lost the most strongest value.

The small car segment leads the mini from bmw. If he reached the highest residual value of the used cars observed in the sax half a year with 81.5% of the new car value, this number has now even increased to 82.2%. After two years and 30.000 km total run performance loses only 17.8% of its new car price of the sporty lifestyle car.

The suvs is the bmw x3 with a residual value of 79.4% in front. The same applies to the upper middle class: how had the bmw 5er leads to both sedanes as well as touring the ranking, this time at 70.5% and with 73.8% in the station wagon. In the middle class, the c-class leads from mercedes-benz. As a limousine she reaches 67.5%, behind it the audi a4 and the bmw 3 series. As a t model, the c-class comes to 67.1% and is therefore still before the competitors mazda 6 and the audi a4 avant. In the lower middle class, the audi a3 with a sales value of 72.2% of the current "top performers" is.

Porsche and mercedes-benz were able to secure the best placements for the convertes and roadstars. The porsche 911 cabriolet can show 71.6% sales value after two years, but is still exceeded by the roadster mercedes slk with a value of 77.6%.