Stuttgart, 19. May 2016 – travel enduros are testenduros, because they are sacking. That was always my view until i finally drove the honda crf 1000 l africa twin. So many of these stories are running, in which a worldview is corrected. This is not here. Honda’s resurrection project of the coarse name "africa twin" pulled a dubbed hype behind himself, that we did not expect less than the redefinition of a genre. This motorcycle does not create that. The africa twin has become what the travel company has been desirable, and that is sufficiently. So here is a jewelter test of someone who could not find in the material no cause for the hype. For the time being, we have to ame that he is greeted in the name, in the well-developed vehicle, in the successful marketing and perhaps the design, which is considered much less on a segmented as a segment.

Memory of a good old acquaintance

My first ascent of africa twin, following "at" covered, reminded me of a good old acquaintance within milliseconds: the old tranny, hondas transalp. So you sitting a bit like a well padded toilet, with the fans wide front on a remarkably low seat. You can catch the seat of high and there is a higher bench, which a 197 cm gross colleague at his continuous tester immediately did to accommodate his long rates. There is also a deeper bench, honda offers staggered seats from 800 to 900 mm. The tranny was a good crawl, which stands as a model far above in the world’s handlown, because it is reliable, easy to drive, robust and some hubs spread. Only she was just a pretty fat soothing pig, and at this point honda has started at the at first: more ground clearance.

Wish lists of the republic

Unfortunately, that did not work with "less weight" some, but the mass was simply pushed upwards. The at weighs with abs 232 kg fully filled with the extremely recommended double-clutch transmission dct it will be 242 kg. So it is mass-related the league of the bmw r 1200 gs, only with less capacity. Of course, you can drive in the grand country, self-reliable makes that spab. Until you smash the ranger, in real landing an event of probability 1. Most are only doing what every strain motorcycle experienced in the alps: strahe and schotterpiste. Let’s be the discussion, whether you need it or not, we had to the genuoy, it guides anywhere else. People want to buy, bumms, finished. The africa twin gathers the strong of the transalp, she boosts with a stronger engine, off-road geometry and modern electronics, packed in the chic rally wrote paper, which meets directly the wish lists of the republic.

On the strain falls on that honda was very important a reraled geometry. This interesting departure from the concepts of earlier gravitational lenses such as varadero or crosstourer with their rather strandy interpretations bought their advantages on rich slopes with disadvantages on the strain. The rough, heavy front wheel drive far out, steers far out, the motorcycle ride from itself likes wide lines. The handiness brings honda like bmw with the air / ol-cheated 1200 gs at that time with a wide crush rod as a handlebar. That worked for me to the inactive seating position very well.