Volkswagen roadshow

Volkswagen roadshow

Hamburg, 2. September 2016 – make a break from the electric tool! What do battery chemistry or hybrid strategy have to do with the car all day? Little. For most people, charging power is what fits in the trunk. So i follow my bad journalist conscience and drive to the store at the department store channel in hamburg-harburg. There volkswagen 18 has put down current models for trying out for the press. 13 of them have a tdi engine. My goal: traces of traces, what is going on away from the fairness. At the base in true life.

Strong nagger

The beginning makes a tiguan 2.0 tdi with 176 kw (240 hp), from 42.To have 700 euros. Germany’s most popular suv welcomes me nailing, because obviously nobody moved the car to me that day. I am unjust and make-making because i’m just out of a lexus rx450h? Probably yes. Nevertheless, half an hour will remain on the highway the rough impression, which a self-cord can never deposit. Top against: the immense bum. Although i do not need that, especially since the a1 direction bremen is tightly. But for a brief moment it makes spab to retrieve the force. When i was buying the tiguan, a weaker motorization was enough for me. Like most customers.

The track assistant fell positively. Here you can find a progress with each model year and each new vehicle type. No annoying steering wheel design, no malfunction. Lane assist simply prevents gentle thickness that i get out of the trail. Who is convinced that this can not happen to him and this system is overall, moge a look at other road users throw – some make a deflected impression.

Close to the norm

Consumption on the route i even wahle and back on the highway through the city on the highway and return to the start, is 6.8 liters diesel and thus hardly over the standard value of 6.4 liters. I stay with the upcoming three cars on this route to make something similar as comparability.

Down by the tiguan ross, pure in touran 1.6 tdi the recently 85 kw (115 hp) offered – previously there were 110 hp. He stands with at least 26.625 euros in the price list. Finally reason. A real recommendation, this touran. And already that volkswagen provides a test car in a reality equity ("allstar"). No firefanz, no broadlocks. It is beneficial to steer this touran. He is easy to ride in every way. The workload at the wheel is low, the jerking message from the strain prazise, and at the same time this practical car is very comfortable.