West coast customs and microsoft tunes a ford mustang

West coast customs and microsoft tunes a ford mustang

Redmond (usa), 13. April 2012 – microsoft and the us cult tuner west coast customs have a ford mustang with all sorts of modern high-tech. With him you can surf the internet or play xbox games. In view of the fulle of possibilities is quick: this ford is just a concept car, and that will stay that way.

Networked retro mobile

The micro-shelter looks like a modern sharing ford mustang fastback coupe from 1967. Only a replica sheet metal dress from dynacom over a recent copy of the us sports car was graded. In addition, the ford radiates in different places, such as the boiler grille and the rims, in a cool light.

Inside, there is the sound with a powerful audio system when needed. In the mustang, all sorts of systems are installed, which can be controlled either from the vehicle or via apps for the windows phone. On board the mustang, among other things, the game console xbox 360, whose camera-based operating system kinect, windows 8, windows phone, windows azure, bing and the partially speech-controlled infotainment system ford sync is a deputy. Everything turns around networking. The project is intended to inspire developers to develop apps and art automotive technologies.

Instruments as desired

On the driver’s side, the tuners have installed a touchscreen that displays the instruments. Your style can be changed by taste of retro to modern. The passenger uses a separate touchscreen. Therefore, it is possible to surf the internet or to display the rear window-based rear window other road users messages. The front of the xbox-derived kinetic cameras and rear transfer everything that goes outside the vehicle, on the monitors inside. The video stream can also be tracked via a windows phone. Who wants, can also communicate the environment: aufen speakers transfer the translated into the phone.