Afghanistan: here are the winners

Afghanistan: Here are the winners

US soldiers in Afghanistan. Photo (January 2019): US Department of Defense / Common-free

Corruption machine and propaganda. A comment

Politicians from the greats to the CSU are surprised that the collapse of the public order in Afghanistan takes effect rapidly. Together with the established non-politicians, the same well-established journalists are also wondering.

For twenty years, they have ared each other that NATO in Afghanistan builds a democratic state. The simple truth that the US troops and their composites have created from the first day of this war to a single corruption machine, unfortunately could not prevail in this openness.

Of course, the speech of state failure is again. This last jerking line of the governmental propaganda emphasizes that one had actually completely different intentions, but something went wrong. This card is always drawn if the realitat does not give you any further deny.

It emphasizes how bad the situation is, and that now all suffer from it, especially of the famous "west" and the "International Community", because of their "Credibility" now damaged. This is then the rhetorical slide to appeal to joint values and interests. We are all sitting in the same boat, or not?

We do not sit in the same boat

As always, propaganda Avers stands against facts. We are by no means all in the same boat, yet we have a common responsibility for the criminal sub-policy, which has become standard since September 2001. At the mirror fight called "Fight against terrorism" there are losers and winners.

The losing side is quickly described: in Afghanistan and Pakistan alone, at least 70 died in the past twenty years.000 civilians, 75.000 Local visits of militar and police as well as 85.000 as enemy camphor classified persons.

Together with the transparent losses of the US militar, private solder companies and the regular Allied Kraften sums up the number of dead on good 240.000 lives. The country’s economy is in a similarly bad condition as in 2001, although average about ten billion US dollars in external help funds in the country per year.

Of this, about half of the security apparatus, ie Afghan militar, benefit militias, police and intelligence services, which naturally had to put acquisitions in the NATO standard, say: The money was attributed to Western rust and logistics companies.

In view of the sums that were joined the American taxpayers directly from the cross to protect them from a fearful ghost with name Al-Qaeda, however, this is only petites. From the fiscal year 2001 to the fiscal year 2021 alone, the Afghanistan campaign with about 2,261 trillions of US dollars suggested – advertised: Two thousand two hundred sixty-five billions.

Of these, just one thousand billion US dollars went to the Ministry of Defense, another 60 billion to the Foreign Ministry, the war-related wit of growth amounted to the years to 443 billion and health expenditure for veterans with just under 300 billion to beech. There are also 530 billion US dollars to be considered at treasured interest rates for war bonds.

A separate accumulation model

If it is based that these 2,261 trillion US dollars are not simply in air, but as transactions at banks, investors, rusts, solderman companies and other service providers such as the IT and the logistics industry landed, one must determine: this war is – like any other – a bigger program to divert public means in private hands. However, there is a principle that the objective of the public clients (peace, security, democracy) contrary to the financial incentive of the contractor (war).

This was also allowed to be a substantial reason that the meanwhile objectionable endless war against terror is actually turning out, namely endless. Together with the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, as well as warships in Yemen and Somalia, the entire war against terror cost US taxpayers at least 6.4 trillion US dollars – November 2019.

Thus, the changing governments of the United States have subsidized their weapons manufacturers, computer and logistics companies as well as other industries. This war against terror is a separate accumulation model that fed to anxiety policy and lugs from the first day.

Nothing illustrates this absurditat better than the mating on the Afghan side. The US government on her war in Afghanistan from the first day on old friends, which still determine the Afghan domestic politics. Among them are simple psychopathic masses like Gulbuddin Hekmatyār and Abdul Raschid Dostum. Particularly acquired is of course the Salafistenfuhrer and Bin Laden-friend Abdul Rasul Sayyaf. With 20-patient support of our privileged composite Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, he had a ma-sized share of internationalizing the Islamist terror of Afghanistan.

When we are currently winning the wing of rotten, Reichelt and Co. must be followed by an alleged failure of Western governments, then it must be because these specialists just have not noticed those who had said that in Afghanistan.

Apparently, politicians and journalists simply could not be heard in twenty years that the state construction in Afghanistan was a single corruption machine, on the western companies very much and ornate criminals a little earned. This is all the more amazing, considering that all mentioned together are particularly close connections to the American security apparatus.

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