Again, a man killed and injured people indiscriminately in texas

Again, a man in texas killed and injured people at random


Shortly after, laws went into effect in Texas that further lowered already lax firearms regulations

Actually, police officers in Texas just wanted to stop a driver for not signaling left while making a turn. Whatever drove the 35-year-old man to fire a rifle back at the police car and then drive off, shooting at other cars and people. He then transferred to a postal delivery truck and was eventually fatally shot himself in front of a movie theater in Odessa. According to a report, a police officer discharged his weapon inside the vehicle.

Seven people reportedly killed, at least 24 injured, FoxNews says, including police officers. Police say at least 21 people were injured. A motive is not known so far, also not whether the man was already on the way to start a racket, in order to then kill himself as often in an extended suicide or to be shot, because one got oneself into a hopeless situation, or whether he was suddenly overcome by rage and the weapon was ready at hand.

The act was not allowed to have an explicit political background, but it shows once again how quickly firearms are used in the USA, which is overloaded with them – and this more and more often, while Donald Trump, friend or instrument of the gun lobby, does not want to do anything about it. In the recent mass killings in El Paso and Ohio, he had first announced that he would strengthen gun permit safety requirements, only to withdraw that immediately and blame it on "Crazy" blame. The aim is to prevent stricter gun laws.

Just four weeks ago, a man killed 22 people in a Walmart in El Paso. One motive was xenophobia or migrant hostility, as Donald Trump repeatedly instrumentalizes for his political interests. This year alone, with today’s incident, there have been 25 mass shootings in the U.S., according to the AP/USATODAY/Northeastern University Mass Killing Database. Shovelings are classified as such when four people or more have been killed, excluding the perpetrator or perpetrators. That was as many as the entire previous year. With a total of 140 people now killed, this is also as many as were killed in 2018 as a whole.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared they would not allow Texas to be overrun by hate and violence. Texas will unite against these vicious attacks, he said. And he linked the incident to terrorism: "The growing number of frauds and terror attacks demands action." Abbott had earlier attended the first meeting of the Task Force on Homeland Terrorism.

Fittingly, some more relaxations of Texas firearms laws go into effect on Sunday. It should no longer be forbidden to leave weapons in a locked car in a school parking lot. The number of armed marshals on schools may be increased from 200 previously to now one per 100 schoolchildren. Homeowners no longer allowed to ban tenants from carrying, storing and transporting weapons and ammunition. Weapons may now be carried in churches, synagogues and other places of worship. When evacuating people from a local or regional disaster area, they could no longer be prosecuted if they were carrying handguns.

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