Amnesty: google and facebook help quise freedom of expression in vietnam

Amnesty: Google and Facebook help quise freedom of expression in Vietnam

Google and facebook are in the opinion of amnesty international compliance with the state restrictions of information and freedom of information in vietnam. "Facebook and youtube censor in vietnam legitimate free community of community that does not abandon the vietnamese", said markus n. Beeko, amnesty general secretar in germany. They made themselves "for handlangers of the massive restriction of freedom of opinion and information".

Facebook announced in april of this year to moderate the content in vietnam for art. The company has increasingly held itself on the rigid censorship levies of the vietnamese. These saw criticism of the government or information on human rights violations as "nativity" at. Previously, the vietnamese government has threatened facebook sanctions. Also, youtube users had: inside in vietnam according to amnesty over the increasing censorship of content complained.

Violence due to postings

In addition to direct censorship, government-related groupings also tried users: inside these social media platforms to sign and to silence. Amnesty international documents in the report "let us breathe!" statements of social media users who were physically attacked because of their postings without the tatters: interior – police or attacking in civil – for the account. The report is based on interviews with 31 vietnamese activists, including former political prisoners, family attendance or deployment.

In vietnam, according to information from amnesty international is currently at least 169 "non-violent political prisoners" imprisoned. 67 of them alone had been arrested because they have peacefully uplifted their opinion in the social media. They are accused of criticism of state response to the coronavirus pandemic, it is also considered crimes to share independent information about human rights violations.

The vietnamese government had already adopted a regulation in 2008, according to which the police were allowed to proceed against bloggent regime critics. In contrast to china, the internet in vietnam was not regulated from the beginning. Nearly eleven years ago, the prison sentence for a vietnamese blogger rely on criticism of the eu.