Bmw m5 v10: g-power rides on compressor and lpg drive

Bmw m5 v10: g-power rides on compressor and lpg drive

Auttenzell, 14. January 2011 – tuner g-power has already helped a sedan or suv to a record-making highest speed – mostly a compressor conversion of the engine was to blame. Forced ventilation also plays an essential role in the transformation of a bmw m5 of the e60 series for "hurricane gs". Something surprisingly, the bayern whose huge v10 at the same time for operation with lpg (liquified petroleum gas). A reduction of the fuel costs is due to the prices for base vehicle and conversion of auxiliary thing, rather highlights the tuner that the engine with lpg has a favorable exhaust gas behavior than in gasoline operation.

V10 with bi compressor

Two radial compressors use the v10 motor from the high-performance variant of the previous funer generation of bmw. The two cylinder banks are supplied by a lpg system with fuel. Although the consumption increases towards gasoline operation, there are less nitrogen oxides and co2 during combustion. In autogas operation, the machine offers 660 hp and 650 nm maximum torque. The boost prere amounts to moderate 0.6 bar.

Pretty high price

To the charging kit also belongs a charge air cooler system that replaces the serial airbox. The electronic controls of engine and smg gearboxes adapt the bayern to the mechanical changes. The bi compressor system with umrusterung on flowers also offers the tuning company for the m6 models with v10 engine. The parts cost 39.950 euros – the installation costs are added.