Bmw offers portable navi for 1s and 3s

For the first time, bmw for the 1er and 3 series offers a specially configured mobile navigation system for reverse. The "bmw navigation portable" was developed in collaboration with the navigation device manufacturer garmin based on the garmin 360 model.

The mobile navigation unit is equipped with a cockpit holder developed specifically for the models of the bmw 1er and 3 series. The device is – unlike conventional, attached by suction cup from inside to the windscreen-attached products – directly above the interior bar or on the dashboard panel attached. There, the 3.5-inch rough touchscreen can be seen vibration-free and easy to use. The restoration can be "without coarse effort" at the bmw service partner.

The special holder for the navigation apparatus comes out without exposed cables, the power supply on the bmw on-board network ensures the charge of the integrated battery during the ride. The scope of the device is a bluetooth handsfree on integrated speakers and microphone, mp3 and hor book player, a preservation computer and a photo viewer function. In addition, the bmw navigation apparatus can also be used outside the vehicle for four to six hours as a mobile city plan.

The cards can be displayed either two or three-dimensionally. The language instructions also include strab names. In addition to maps for all of europe, a bmw handler directory is also preinstalled in the navigation unit. The selling price for the mobile bmw navigation apparatus amounts to 476, – euro.