Bmw: until 2015 comes a megacity car for conurbations

The opinion that bmw has a competitive disadvantage with his product portfolio, seems to have a lot for itself, because as a volume manufacturer for small, economical, but especially inexpensive vehicles, bayern could not position itself so far. For example, volkswagen simpler, especially since there are already a number of foreign works to make the lower production costs possible. So it lights up at first glance that bmw had to ie a profit warning beginning at the beginning of august, with which the company does not stop alone.

In the course, the interview came right in the group chief norbert reithofer to offer a car tailored to the heavy daily by 2015. Really new is this envision, he had already several times the "project i" addressed, a "thinking factory for completely new concepts for sustainable mobility". The project has all the freedoms to act outside the bmw structures if this is helpful. But a little new brought the time interview then: until 2015, a brand new-looking car is offered with two drive systems, "once with a very efficient internal combustion engine, because there will still be regions in the world where this makes sense – and for the second as a pure electric vehicle ".

On our demand at bmw, whether a range-extender variant is planned, referred a bmw spokesman on statements of technicians who find such a concept interesting in small vehicles for rough metropolitan chimes, as long as battery technology limited the ranges. Reithofer’s exercises do not seem to point out in this direction, but it is not to be expected that he lays his cards openly on the table. "The e-car will not come in a bang," he answered the comment that bmw was pretty spat in comparison to daimler. "Wherever gross routes are to be backed up in the world, you need to continue gasoline, because stromer does not come so far and need too long for recharging."The transition phase until the electric drive passes through, will take 2025, everything else is unrealistic.

Essentially, bmw will have to loose the supposed problem, as a small premium manufacturer, has less financial and developmental recreational space, but this would not apply reithofer. "Rough is not everything. When the market stutters, then rough manufacturers even often have early problems as we ". And if they are even more mobile: "our ‘project i` has its own team and is located outside of our research center. This company in the company has developed the electrical mini, works on the megacity car and other electric cars. Just that’s how it works."

Which brand of megacity car will come to the market, bmw has not yet decided. Maybe it will really be something with the isetta – it’s at least a reasonable name when it comes to the roots: after the second world war, the success of the issetta bmw gave the financial problems that made the later rise only possible. She first got an engine from the motorcycle division, even with bmw did not have a problem today. In addition to honda, the bavarian engine works are the only manufacturer who can offer cars and motorcycles with equally coarse success.