Cadillac ats: new beginning in the middle class

Cadillac ats: new beginning in the middle class

Detroit (michigan / usa), 9. January 2012 – with the ats cadillac present his new entry-level model at the north american international auto show (naias – 9. To 22. January 2012) in detroit. Thus, the gm luxury mark dares after a good three years of abstinence back to the lower middle class. Cadillac’s last leader in the form of the bls, a model siblings of saab 9-3 and opel vectra, was little successful.

New platform

The sedan is based on the completely new alpha platform of general motors for vehicles with rear wheel drive. Particular pride is at cadillac on the ats curb weight of 1542 kilograms and a weight ratio of nearly 50:50. The "sporty compact limousine of the luxury class" – the manufacturer characterizes the new model – is optional with rear or four-wheel drive. In conjunction with a sports suspension, an adaptive steamer system is obvious. With a long of 4.64 meters, the ats is a bit short than the glowless bls and slightly long than the new 3er bmw. The wheelbase of the ats amounts to 2.77 meters. The car superspire numerous brand-typical design elements of its coarse siblings, including vertical lights on front and rear.

The pilot in the center

The ats cockpit was created drivers, the 5.7 inches rough instrument display behind the steering wheel, which is configured after the driver’s wishes, is also a head-up display on board. In the center console there is an 8-inch gross touchscreen for controlling the infotainment system. According to cadillac, only four buttons are upgraded. The operating front on the screen works electrically high and releases a 1.8 liter of gross storage space.