Cadillac shows small car study

Cadillac shows small car study

Los angeles (california / usa), 17. November 2010 – cadillac is no longer what it once was: before the second world war, the luxury brand of the gm group provided sixteen cylinder engines for a view, and also in the second half of the 20. Century rails rough and fuel consumption of a caddy long no limits. But point to the boron of "new gm" is the brand now with the "urban luxury concept" a study before – measured by displacement and vehicle long – fruhe highest as toys for children rich parents went through.

For the gross city traffic

The lifestyle dwarf of cadillac in los angeles was designed and designed. Also there is parking lot in the center and plunged in the suburbs for motorists everyday. With the concept car, cadillac wants to transfer its typical design elements to the small car segment to meet the requirements of the coarse town raiders.

With shears

The urban luxury concept is a four-seater. Each side has a ture that settles on the push of a button easily removes from the body and then swings in a rotary movement forward. The look is reminiscent of the shear entures known by lamborghini. The system should bring according to cadillac place advantages in close parquit.

As long as a toyota yaris

The urban luxury concept rolls – small car colorful, but somehow typical usa – on coarse 19-inch bargun. The body design is based on the current, angular design language of the us brand. Small overhange promise plenty of space in the interior. The wheelbase amounts to 2.47 meters. At 3.84 meters, the city car is about as long as a toyota yaris. The width amounts to 1.73 meters, the high 1.45 meters. The vehicle includes a number of comfort and high-tech elements that are previously reserved for the automotive upper class.