Chevrolet malibu eco: fit saver version starts in early 2012

Chevrolet malibu eco: fit saver version starts in early 2012

New york city (usa), 21. April 2011 – chevrolet is on the new york international auto show (22. April to 1. May 2011) the malibu eco with start-stop automatic and brake energy recovery (recuperation). At that of gm "assist" if necessary, the internal combustion engine is supported by an electric motor, which also works as a generator.

182 hp gasoline …

The eco version of the malibu has a 182 hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a six-speed automatic. The dohc engine works with a benzine direct injection and has continuous variable valve timing onto on and outlet side. The gasoline is combined with the so-called easasist technology, which should be offered from the beginning of 2012 in malibu eco. At the gm partnership brand buick, the easassin system already comes up with the market: in the lacrosse from summer 2011 and on the shelf from the end of 2011.

… Plus 15-horsepower electric motor

In the easassin system, lithium-ion batteries and an electric machine allow the regenerative braking as well as a start-stop function. The lithium-ion batteries work with 115 volts voltage. To load them, the electric machine in generator operation can supply up to 15 kw power. As a electric motor, it supports the internal combustion engine when accelerating up to 11 kw (15 hp) power. The battery and power electronics are housed in the trunk. The electric machine is connected via a belt drive with the motor.

Electronic air flap control

In the case of fuel saving, an aerodynamically optimized underbody and an electronic air flap control will help. The grill fillings are opened or closed as a function of the engine temperature. For example, the flaps open at mountain ride when a trail is pulled or at a city trip in the midday heat. At a constant highway tempo, less cooling is necessary, so that the flaps fails in favor of aerodynamics. Roll-resistant tires also contribute to efficiency. Thanks to these fuel savings, the range achieved with a gallon sprite increases ("miles by gallon" – mpg) to 26 mpg (corresponding to 9.0 l / 100 km) in the city and on 38 mpg (6.2 l / 100 km) on the highway. A comparison of these manufacturers with the normal version is not possible because their consumption values have not yet been published.

From the beginning of 2012 in the usa

The eco variant is based on the new malibu generation, which should come to the market in around 100 countries of the earth. The sale of the new generation begins with the eco model to have in the us from the beginning of 2012. The versions ls, lt and ltz follow in the summer of 2012.