Content filter: “asian” and “teen” at apple not youth free

Apple’s integrated youth protection filter integrated youth protection filter is re-criticized: become on iphone and ipad "inappropriate content" blocked, then the operating system in the current version 14 still stops searching for terms like "asian" and according approximately also completely unprecedented search queries like "asian countries" (asian countries). Other "popular ethnic categories on pornographic websites" can be searched quite normal despite youth protection filters, like the newspaper the independs reported, including "arab", "korean" or "french".

Youth protection filters not very clever

That it corporations simply as well as "nsfw" (not safe for work – a warning for pornographic or extremely violent adult content) is simply aggressed, the non-profit organization said notyourporn against the independent – asian adolescents were finally noticeable if they have been online "completely innocent" implement search queries.

Other terms such as "teen" or "redhead" are sorted by apple’s content filters as a status and blocked the search result if the content limitations for web content on the screen time settings "non-youth free content" be set. "This website under google.De is a cranket and therefore can not be inflated", if the browser then shows as an explanation.

Particularly clever, the filter is not permanent, for example, the plural "asian" accepted, "teens" not. At active youth protection filters, apple’s spotlight search also provides search proposals such as "teens naked", but then blocks the ads in the browser.

Apple’s content filter without improvements

The problems with the content filter have been known for a long time, a developer made apple aware of this in 2019, happens since then nothing to be. Already in the importation of the on-screen time function with ios 12 in 2018, there was criticism, so were (and become) concepts like "safe sex" (safe sex) or "sex education" (deputation – and a popular netflix series) blocked, others in the field of violence but displayed.