“Dog samma scho” – nahles makes the seehofer

Andrea Nahles (2018). Photo: Sandro Halank / CC BY-SA 3.0

Government crisis off? SPD boss sets renegotiations in the Causa Mob

The party leaders were searched by phone diplomacy for solutions in the Causa Mobs, meeting it only when a solution was found. "You might not want to be able to bring back to keep unacceptable proposals", Twitter World Journalist Robin Alexander.

The chief reporter of the Springer-Zeitung The world has been a name for quite some time as a bestselling author ("The driven") made which have insights into government work, which he can describe one of a tuning mood. Alexander shows again and again, Alexander shows that he has a special access to insiders.

Alexander and his colleague Daniel Friedrich Sturm had on Monday last week with the (pre-order) report that Merkel decided to released Maes to the Politect Theater. Your report generated some dynamics in Berlin. He was kick-off for a public game, in which it went out of that, who now expands to Wen’s prere and above all: what the effects on the rough coalition has (cf. Must take up his slack hat?To).

Hohn for the SPD

Given this background, the Alexandrian insider rate is "You might not want to be able to bring back to keep unacceptable proposals" difficult. How serious should he take? Is there maybe irony or hohn? And if yes, by whom? Makes Seehofer funny?

The result of the first round did not look good for the SPD. Although MAen was actually released, but only from his post as a boss of the Federal Beholded, for that he got a highly located in the Berlin official hierarchy and better paid items as State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior – which in the media as "Promotion" was designated.

Something later was also known that the CSU boss, which had mainly received as such – and not because of its competences – the post as the interior minister of the government coalition, had sent a State Secretary of the SPD prematurely in retirement.


"Batschi" Could you say with Nahles’ words. Seehofer was winner in kind of "Dog Samma Scho" and the SPD was rich in the light of the female Method Seehofers, as the SZ in a rough background report of three authors on Thursday on page 3 lay. Significant that at the end of silent amusement is the speech. It is Polit Theater.

However, this is a theater that the coalition is in reality to the substance. But what only works, because the substance is currently in the light of some unrelated gross, real problems and future tasks a very busy impression. Seehofers Schenkelklopfer-Manover came in a more serious dimension of a bankruptcy declaration of the black-red government. Nahles was criticized and spotted and properly struck as party chairman.

That they can be interpreted with their demand for a renegotiation, which had also been designed as a sign of the weak, oncoming or a readiness – in any case "Yes" At Merkel ("I think that’s right and necessary") As with other Union politicians – Stobt, (Anm.D.A. Here, only Seehofer was mentioned; However, the interior minister has meanwhile did not make it clear that he is not released to Masen) probably to do that despite the weakness of the Government Merkel nobody has rightly superimposed who could make this government with good prospects. Here are Nahles with the right political instinct and put a follow-up

There is no alternative to the government coalition for the moment, which is the gross embarrassment of the opposite situation in Germany. The Union has no successor or. no successor for Merkel, which was able to guarantee a reduction without loss of power and the SPD has outside the Safe Space in coalition rough existential difficulties. There is nothing new. This is the view of the darkness behind the bean, which the theater has released around the Causa Mobs.

The named SZ article from Thursday of last week has subordinated that you "Almost everything contrasts to save the government" and this commented on that that "certainly a problem is". With the demand for renegotiations, Nahles has withdrawn from this write-up.

According to the world, she had previously rejected the first proposals in the negotiations with Seehofer, which does not suggest that she wanted to make it right right to keep the coalition.

After that, only the SPD and Nahles has risen how hatched Seehofer acted. It is now possible to speculate if Seehofer has been able to play his political experience he won in the CSU intrigant stadel and shark basin, even after the Bavarian state election in October still on rough bean or in the smaller circle. Until then, CSU personnel ies are taboo.

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