Double standards on the european sky

Double standards on the European sky

Government machine from Bolivia. His status did not help Morales 2013 either. Image: JuanrogerleonPoma, CC BY-SA 3.0

EU and NATO Erbost Uber forced landing of civiline machine in Minsk. In the case of a similar incident 2013 they were silent. At that time, Bundnispartner were responsible

The forced landing of a Ryanair machine in Belarus seems to have been a planned action in accordance with this media information in order to be available to the government-critical blogger Roman Protaswitsch. Dimensions and possible consequences of this incident must undoubtedly clarified.

Nevertheless, the Vehemenz of the Reactions of European Union, EU States and NATO are amazed, comparing them with the ratings of these actors, after NATO states in July 2013 forced the former Bolivian Prasident Evo Morales to land in Vienna.

In the current case, both carriers – EU and NATO – condemned the intermediate landing of the Ryanair machine with harsh words. A spokesman for the EU, the topic is set to the agenda of an already planned Special Summit of the States and Government of Member States on Monday and Tuesday of this week. It was also advised on sanctions against political guided in Minsk.

To contribute to the escalation, the fact that NATO has reported to speak as transatlantic military objects in addition to the EU. There you talked about one "serious and dangerous incident". It was elected – maybe, too, because you are not used to it – a military jargon, which will otherwise only be used for airspace violations or similar interim cases. NATO and EU spoke out for an international investigation.

In 2013 NATO States had agreed

But not enough:

  • Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas demanded "Significant consequences". The SPD politician fugged: "The fact that a flight between two EU states was forced under the pretext of a bomb threat to the intermediate landing is a serious intervention in civil aviation in Europe."
  • In France, the Foreign Affairs had been incorporated on Sunday the ambassador of Belarus. In Paris one talked about one "unacceptable" occurrence.
  • The EU-AUBE officer Josep Borrell demanded the immediate detention of the blogger from the lead in Minsk.

Even if it came to a fragile arrest in the current case and it must be legally different because of the involvement of a civil passenger machine than the Morales incident 2013, the political double standard is obvious.

In 2013, several NATO states – especially the USA, then subordinate to Portugal, France, Italy and Spain – were agreed to bring the reigning prassident Bolivia from the sky. From Bolivia and Sudamerika at that time, at least the accusation was raised that the short-term chain lock of several national airspaces of the crash of the moral jets was at least appropriately accepted.

While the UN clearly clears the infringement – and how often without further consequences – named, the now-emportant actors did not see any further requirement. The Federal Government also left the forced landing of the Morales machine at that time. On a question of the Green Bundestag Deputies Ingrid Honlinger replied a representative of the foreign office:

Refusal of the overflight for the Bolivian Prasident Evo Morales by some European countries in early July 2013 was neither the subject of talks of the Federal Government with the US Government still topic of contacts with the relevant European states

Reply State Secretary Harald Braun from 24. July 2013

You like to throw that it did not come to a arrest then. Of course, because the wanted, the US Whistleblower Edward Snowden was not on board at Evo Morales.

For example, Evo Morales evaluated his compulsory landing in Vienna 2013

Morales assessed the incident in the telepolis interview at the end of 2015

Evo Morales: I think that was a penalty campaign of the United States and some European bonded. They had accused me of having to do this young activist, Edward Snowden on board. I had been invited by the Errol exporting states to Russia. When all the meetings and the summit was over, I traveled again, but when we wanted to land near Lisbon, that was not possible for me, it was banned. Suddenly it won, we were not allowed to Italy, not also to France.

It was only the way back to Russia, and I think the fuel had no longer served for it. So I said: "Why do not we ask Austria to allow the landing because of a technical emergency?" It was happy to be approved and so we could land in Vienna. I think that Austrian Prasident and Government have saved life.

But how could the USA with such a intelligence stake – the CIA, the Pentagon, the DEA, and all possible others – believe that we had had this boy on board? I can not understand that, because in the end it is about: that it lacks the intelligence stake in intelligence.

And yet I believe: When Dilma (Rousseff, the Prasident of Brazil) or Cristina (Fernandez of the Kirchner, the Prasident Argentina) or about (Colombia’s Prasident Juan Manuel) fleeed Santos and had actually had this man on board, then no one had risen. Because in the plane but an Indio Sab, you had to be battlements so that we drain from our anti-imperialism. It was a deployment of the prasident machine, so I see that. Our offense is to be anti-impersibleists.

Of course you have asked us later for borrowing, apologize. They did not know it, beat it as if they did not know that the US also have to say that in the European territory. This was not to explain. Not all Europeans are under the fake of the US government. But it is important that we all liberate ourselves and defend our sovereignty, not only in Latin America, but also in Europe, which is also a Duster who saved our lives.

Evo Morales

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