Ehighway for truck: transport minister moves positive balance

Ehighway for truck: Transport Minister moves positive balance

Almost a year after the start of the test track with overhead lines on the motorway 1 between reinfeld and lubeck, schleswig-holstein’s transport minister bernd buchholz (fdp) pulled a positive interim balance. The field trial has shown in about 1000 circulation of the test vehicle that the route was suitable, the minister of the dpa. "There are a few small defects that have to be improved, but in the rough and large, the project."

On the fun kilometer long test track commutes a hybrid truck of the reinfelder spedition bode several times daily between reinfeld and the luberfer hafen. In this case, a top line supplies the vehicle with electricity. The attempt financed by the federal environment ministry should show whether the overhead control technology is good for good-speed traffic in germany and how the technology affects the environment.

Still too early for results

"For statements, it is still too early," says elisabeth niehaus by the research and development center fachhochschule kiel, which the project accompanies scientifically. "While there are first data from the various measuring systems from the vehicle and at the plant, but they are not evaluated yet," niehaus said. So far, the forwarding company is still on the way with only one hybrid tread on the route, until the end of marz 2021 will be delivered another four vehicles.

The test track is one of a total of three in germany, on which a harmonization system for the electrification of heavy commercial vehicles is to be tested. A second test track is located on the a5 in hesse, the third on the b462 at rastatt in baden-wurttemberg is to be put into operation in the early 2021. "It’s not about equipping all highways in germany with overhead lines," said buchholz. "But on stretches like the a1, where heavy duty traffic is regularly on a short distance, at least a test is offered," he said.