Ex-amazon manager accused of insider trading

Ex-Amazon manager accused of insider trading

The us borsenauf united states securities and exchange commission (sec) has charged a former financial manager of the internet-tiesen amazon and two family members for insider trade. Between january 2016 and july 2018, the accused had more than 1.4 million us dollars, converted to about 1.2 million euros, contrary to illegal gains, the authority told on monday in washington.

Insider information shared

As an employee in amazon’s tax department, the defendants should be entrusted with the preparation of the executing reports and have passed insider information. Before the publication of the numbers, which can provide the borse for rough price movement, your husband and its father should have played the confidential information through the purchase or sale of amazon shares.

The sec goes from a case of "repeated and systematic" insider trade out. Erin schneider, director of the regional buros of sec in san francisco said: "employees who have access to confidential, possibly market-moving company information, do not use this information to enrich themselves, their friends or their families."

The authority calls for the rejection of the 1.4 million dollars interest of 118.$ 406 and fines of 1.1 million dollars. In addition, the prosecutor had a criminal proceedings against the husband. From the defendants and from amazon were initially no comments. /