Extraanges thunderbolt 3-cable from apple

Extraanges Thunderbolt 3-cable from Apple

Current macs are standard with usb-c connections that allow thunderbolt-3 transfers. But so far, apple himself had only a short thunderbolt 3-cable on offer. With the standard effluent, a maximum of 0.8 meters could be brooded – although with the maximum flow rate of 40 gbit per second, but for coarse setups, that was simply too short. If you needed more cable freedom, you had to look for yourself otherwise in accessories.

Active string

How to remove the online loading of the mac manufacturer is now otherwise. For a few days a two-meter long variant of the thunderbolt 3 cable has been available for the first time, with which various peripherals can be controlled.

Braided by apple

In contrast to the standard variant with under one meter, the strip is active (internally uses an optical connection), thus containing components that ensure that the throughput speed is maintained over the entire cable length. For the first time, apple also uses braided nylon than hulle, which should not be too stiff and yet a tangle prevents.

Usb-3.1-gene 2 goes natural too

The cable, baptized by apple thunderbolt 3 per cable, makes the good 40 gbit / s, can usb-3.1-gen-2 data transfer with a maximum of 10 gbit / s unwind and provides a charging power of up to 100 watts. Displayport video output (hbr3) is also possible as the connection of docks, ssds and hard drives; in addition, apple’s pro display xdr is supported. A daisy chaining is possible with up to six thunderbolt-3-advised.

High price, fast availability

Bloon at thunderbolt 3 pro cable with its two meters, however, is the price that apple calls: whopping 145.20 euros were happy. Thus, the company is clearly expensive than the competitor for example from belkin, whose own two-meter cable will cost below 100 euros. The latter is currently hardly available, during which you can buy apple’s long, fast strip directly in the apple store or with a short delivery time online too.