Family connection

Family connection

London, 27. June 2013 – ten years after the premiere the first edition, mazda is already presenting the third generation of the 3. The new should attract old and new customers with sporty design, unusual engines and numerous assistants.

In the sense of the family

After the compact suv cx-5 as well as 6-sedan and -kombi, the mazda 3 is the third series model, which after the design concept "kodo" was designed. The current mazda 3 landed with 8591 units sold in 2012 in 17 of german zuslangstatistics. From the gulf, however, were in this country 240 (including the step-heartedivat jetta).700 cars sold. Throughout europe, around three million units are sold in this segment – a market in which mazda wants to combat strongly. As successful is the mazda 3 ubligen in australia, where he was in 2011 and 2012 the best-selling car overllances.

The new mazda 3 is two centimeters of shallower and four centimeters wider than the process. Through the backward passenger compartment as well as short bodywork front and rear, he acts quite powerful. With the same long (4.46 meters) the wheelbase is six centimeters in gross than the process. A strongly contoured boiler grill and spotlight with light rings, led and inner lenses produce an optical kinship of the mazda 3 to the newer mazda models cx-5 and 6. From the front, mazda 3 and 6 are hardly different from each other.

Freestanding screen

Interior and auxiliary design of the new mazda 3 have succeeded. The screen of the navigation system is also freestanding here, as some competitors have pretended. This looks much more elegant after our segregation than the solution in the mazda 6, which works as a resulting. The seven-inch touchscreen is used to display the infotainment, communication and comfort systems. In the center console there is a newly designed "multi-commander", with which numerous functions are operated, individual things can also be controlled via language.

Also new is a mobile connectivity concept of mazda, which sets the integration of smartphones. It uses existing bluetooth, e-mail, sms and navigation functions and brings mobile content and services into the car, for example facebook, twitter and the "aha cloud" platform. Aha is an internet radio service that was started by harman and have now affiliated some manufacturers. In addition, mazda apps are integrated as an "eco display", maintenance reminders or warnings.