Gamestop share rises 104 percent – buffett vice warns against excesses

Gamestop share rises 104 percent - Buffett vice warns against excesses

The excitement around the crisis video game handler gamestop does not end at the us financial market. After heavy losses in the pre-weeks, the share price of the us company, which had become the game ball of speculators, doubled on wednesday, without the right to make a clear reason to be apparent. In view of the state of us borsen, the long-term partner of the legendar’s star investor warren buffett, charlie munger, warned against excesses.

Fierce fluctuations

The vizechef of buffett’s investmentgesellschaft berkshire hathaway sees the youngest turbulence on the us financial market apparently with gross care. Kurskapriols as with the shares of gamestop are signs of a "irritating bubble", sometimes take a boses end, said the 97-year-olds on wednesday at the decree annual general meeting of the us media group daily journal corporation.

The shares of gamestop were exposed to the weekend for the weekend and ultimately concluded with a plus of 104 percent at almost $ 92. Sustainably, it continued with violent fluctuations, while the course shot up for another about 100 percent. The day before gamestop had announced the departure of financial chef jim bell, without calling a reason.

Us media reported later that the manager on prere influential shareholders had to submit his jerking because it has given disagreements about the strategy. Investor ryan cohen should have played a key role, which had received a post in the board of directors in january. He consists of many speculators as a hopeful carrying for a comeback because he had already scraped the animal-ready handler chewy successfully.

Gamble with shares

Borsen-altmamp munger stop by the gamestop hype, nothing. The speculative rush revealed, so its criticism, a dangerous new culture, in which people were encouraged by cheap brokers like robinhood, as with horse betting with shares to gamble. In fact, gamestop is actually long in the crisis, but powered by the internet organized hobby investors had a breathtaking rally had a breathtaking rally in the past month.

In turn, some hedge funds that had beted a price decline, billions of losses. At the end of january, the stock had reached a record high of uber $ 483, but the high flight was quickly over.

Investigations in the usa

The core bases around gamestop and some other companies on the us borsen already had an aftermath that continues. Us resists examine the forelegal and determine for possible market manipulations.

The discount broker robinhood fell with its easy-to-use app especially for more young investors in the criticism. Above all, the fact that robinhood broke the trade in hometoped shares, such as those of gamestop during the course explosion in the past month, that they could only be sold, made a lot of arger. The suspicion of collusion with hedge funds, however, robinhood decidedly decided.

Gluckspiel or stock trading?

Charlie munger now also ubte violent criticism of robinhood, but not because of trade restrictions, but because he stops the app rather for a kind of chilly-game provider than a serious broker. Robinhood operate "dirty" judgment in which users were lured with a freedom of emergency, while the company receives money from wall street actors for the mediation of their transactions and therefore encourage much and risky trade.

The hohenflugen of the electroautobrewer tesla and the digital true bitcoin can not give up the buffett vice also nothing. He did not know which price rally he finds worse, so munger. The bitcoin taw because of its strong price fluctuations not as a means of payment.

Tesla boss elon musk is gross fan of cryptodances, the company had recently bought for 1.5 billion dollars bitcoins and fired the course of the most famous digital food so on.