Implantable chips for identification

In a slimmed version comes now "Digital angel" on the market

Ideas are developed many how safety improves and greatly enhance the monitoring. After the 11.9. If appropriate proposals can also be better enforced, and some companies that are in the security industry expect a golden future. This also meets Applied Digital Solution with yours "Digital angel" to. First of all, you had had the long-confident implantable GPS chip Klammhimlich disappear and set to products such as wristwatches or necklands for dogs sending the organization and localization data (the digital angel is there). In the current mood situation and in the face of the bad business, however, it is now forced again chip that people can be used under the skin, but still without the GPS receptionist and a transmitter.

Since September, the world is different, at least what the willingness is concerned, to broaden over monitoring and accept them. As Applied Digital Solution (ADS) once acquired the patent for the implantable chip with GPS receptionist for localization and transmission of biodates of the Trager, one still thought so that in addition to applications in the medical field or for hazardous groups of persons, primarily a false-proof identification possibility for the Buy purchasing as a replacement of credit cards or other identifications (the digital angels come). Only recently) was ridden by the company that one wants to carry out with the chips tests to people. The brillion were but right.

If such implantable chips in pea groove in the US, such implantable chips can not be brought on the market, as it was ultimately understood by the Food and Drug Administration. For this purpose, clinical tests are necessary. For Ads, one hopes to receive the inclusion until the middle of the next year. In Sudamerika you want to start selling in three months, as no authorization is required here. Here one thinks more importantly to people who have the risk that they could be remunerated. However, such a chip only makes sense if the residence of the victim finds love via GPS. If such chips are actually enforced, then you can also ame that escapers and hostage hands may be looking for you with perhaps not pleasant means after you.

First of all, the doctor Richard Seigold has become a chip in the hugs and another implanted in an arm, as the Los Angeles Times reports. After seen in rescue workers and firefighters on the WTC, who had written their names and social security numbers to their arms to be identified in an accident, he wanted to test the chip and love him in September. At the moment, only serial numbers are stored. At first you have no internal energy supply and can only be read with a scanner. Let’s not see from the chip with a tiny antenna on the skin, footsteps were not.

Even though the company’s use of the chip as a false-proof identification method or as an implanted ID persists despite all competing biometric methods, one would first think of sick people to the "Digital angel" to make socio. While the watches associated with the GPS has thought of confused Alzheimer’s patients or children to locate them, people with artificial limbs or organs should become the pioneers of implanted ID cards. In case of an emergency, the chip could notify information such as important medical data as well as the name and telephone numbers, for example from the family-class or treating physician,. He could also contain a code to retrieve information from a database. With a scanner, this data could be read until a removal of one meter. And one will, of course, ask for such ideas as well as could be prevented that the data could be read by unauthorized persons.

Allegedly, for this chip had already been interested in prison cases. However, an electronic fetter, which is permanently implanted by means of a surgical procedure, could not be without legal difficulties. And whether employees in security areas such as airport or nuclear power plants can actually set such chips under the skin to be identified, may be doubted. And such a monitoring of children who consider ads for the GPS chips as another market in addition to the old people and which can not give their understanding, it was at least clear that in all terroria here clearly triumphs safety and monitoring over freedom. The GPS chips, which also capture and send physiological data, once set a power supply ahead. ADS develops heat cells for the moment to put the warm in energy. Until these chips will come to the market, if this happens at all and you are not more likely to computing with Wearable computing, in which the MINIC computer, transmitter and sensors are only in the clothes in the body caring, it was allowed to take a few more years.

Whether the people, however, the long term "Digital angel" as permanently monitoring "Gross brother" Tighten or you, starting with the co-making of cell phones for continuous praisz and localization, usually won, always observed in a networked world, one has to wait. Of the "Digital angel", which moves under the skin and makes people to a node in the network, at least a reason to think about the boundarity between openness and privacy or anonymous and less than that of digital and networked technologies.

Whether this is the British Cybernetics Professor Kevin Warwick, who would like to implant a chip three years ago with coarse media frosting a chip, also wants or whether he wants to focus on the attention of the Office on himself (the researcher as a publicity stuntman). He now thinks about the highest banal things like the digital angel of ads. He had prefired his time, as controlled on the chip in his institute, or the light turned on when he walked around as a legitimate and identified person. So liked it always in this intelligent house with residents recognize where he was just about. Warwick has already known one for some time "Telepathic chip" to transfer neuronal impulses from one person to another (communicate from a nervous system on the other). Since it still seems to be difficult with communication …

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