Life in climate change

Living in a changing climate

Jorg Phil Friedrich is on 22. January guest in the Telepolis Salon, talking about the time after climate change

It is an illusion to continue to believe that man-made climate change can still be stopped or at least mitigated to the extent that mankind could settle down in it somewhat unscathed. The last climate summit again made it clear that the non-binding climate targets agreed in Paris can be achieved, saving us from a climate catastrophe.

Even though climate scientists and earth system scientists are able to develop ever more precise scenarios of how the climate and the living conditions of humans may change in which areas of the earth, no one can predict what exactly will actually happen. If the climate change with its consequences will occur as expected at present, it would be high time to dedicate oneself to the future of the survival of humans on earth from a realistic perspective.

It is not a matter of conjuring up the end of the world or the extinction of mankind, but dramatic and rapid changes in the climate are to be expected, which will bring about the downfall of human civilization and the "Humanity", The climate change as we know it today and as we have made it a matter of course for our species can mean the following. Discussing the consequences of climate change means above all answering the question of how people and society react when such a familiar system comes apart at the seams.

Humans can live under different climatic conditions, and also the future earth will offer conditions under which humans can live. However, the phase of climate chaos will destroy most of the infrastructures and social mechanisms that have created and at the same time safeguarded civilized life in human societies. The question is how we can prepare for such a time without being able to predict the exact conditions today.

Jorg Phil Friedrich, meteorologist and philosopher, will be on stage on the 22nd of September. January 2020 Guest at the Telepolis Salon on the Alte Utting in Munich. Start of the event is 8 pm. Admission: 5 Euro.

Alte Utting/Hecksalon Lagerhausstrabe 15 81371 Munchen Directions: Subway: U3/U6 Poccistrabe or Implerstrabe Bus: 132 / 62 Lagerhausstrabe

By Jorg Phil Friedrich is recently the eBook "What comes after climate change? A speculation" appeared.

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