Manover with nato soldiers in west ukraine without end

Manover with NATO soldiers in West Ukraine without end

Prasident Petroshenko thanks on the airport Lviv for the radar gates. Image: others

Since the change in power in Kiev 2013, the number of manobs in Ukraine has increased rapidly with the participation of NATO soldiers. The US delivered two mobile radar gates for the Ukrainian army

On Monday was solemnly opened on the Joryowski Troop Office, in the most exploratory west of Ukraine, a new manover. At the manover, according to the notification of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense "until 2017" should continue to train five Ukrainian battalions together with soldiers from NATO states.

Guest of the open-time ceremony was the commander of the US country crowd in Europe, Frederick Ben Hodges, the commander for joint operations of the crowd of Canada, Admiral Peter Ellis, as well as the ambassadors of the USA, Canada and Lithuania, Geoffrey Pyatt, Roman Vashchuk and Marius Janukonis.

Manover with NATO soldiers in West Ukraine without end

Open the manovers. Image: others

At the long-term manove take a total of 2.800 soldiers from Ukraine, 1.500 US soldiers and 1.000 Soldiers from states part of the NATO program "Partnership for peace" participate. Militar instructors from the US, Canada, Great Britain and Lithuania will train the five Ukrainian battalions to NATO standard. Get aware of defense, attack and cleaning actions.

In the Funf involved Ukrainian battalions exercise exclusively time soldiers with war experience. Among these soldiers are also 30 men who are used for their use in the East Ukraine with medals for "Courage and heroism" have been awarded.

The manover garde is located in northutsey direction between Lviv (Lviv) and the Ukrainian-Polish border in a 36.000 hectares of gross, lugal area with meadows, beech and oak woods.

Extra for the exercise was the Werchovna Rada on 12. November adopted a law, which allowed the stay of foreign troops in Ukraine up to 61 days. Because according to the Ukrainian laws, the establishment of foreign militia in Ukraine is not allowed.

Training with new US radar

During the manovers, the use with the two mobile radar guides of the type AN / TPQ-36 is took over which Prasident Petro Poroshenko on 14. November at Lviv Airport at a solemn ceremony received. The radar gates are a gift from the USA.

The gates, each cost 15 million dollars, are mounted on jeeps and can be enemy howitzers or missiles at a distance of up to 24 kilometers already after only one enemy shot places. The Ukrainian militars promise from the new radar-guided success against the separatists in East Ukraine. From there, Ukrainian media reclaimed sliding in the last few days.

Ukraine received militar assistance in the US from the USA of $ 260 million. This help includes training measures, the delivery 230 Humvee-Jeeps in Marz and the two new radar gates. Militarian traveler Will Barack Obama – despite the credence of the congress – do not deliver to Ukraine.

Maybe there is still a concealed delivery of special device. The Russian news agency Ria Novosti reported at the beginning of October that from the US company Ami Global Security last year 22 sharpener rifles of type BARETT M107A1 Over the Bulgarian company Bulcomers KS Ltd. delivered to the Ukrainian National Guard in Sofia. Also on a Bulgarian intermediary company, two US drones of type KS-1 have been supplied to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The news agency published copies of delivery certificates.

Manover with NATO soldiers in West Ukraine without end

Prasident Poroshenko in the presentation of the radar gates. Image: others

Poroshenko praises "New dimension"

The Troop Office Jaworowski in West Ukraine has been developing since the change of power in Kiev 2013 for the main countries of common manobs with NATO soldiers. From April to November 2015 were on the troop deposit as part of the manovers "Fearless Guardian 2015" 750 Ukrainian National Guardists through 300 soldiers of the 173. US paratrooper trigger. In the exercises, the Ukrainian soldiers from US trainers also learned the fight for Hauser and the arrest and survey of suspicious.

When the Ukrainian Minister President Arseni Jazzenjuk visited the exercises in June together with US Ambassador Geofrey Pyat, he said that the Ukrainian soldiers were learned at training as well, "to be strong personalities that can drove soldiers". The Ukrainian Prasident Petro Poroshenko declared expedient of the manovers "Fearless Guardian 2015" In the presence of US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt: "This is the first Ukrainian-American program at this level, and shows the transition of military cooperation in a fundamental new dimension."

On a solemn closing event at the end of the manovers, the US Defense Ministry of the US Department of Defense said, Elissa Slotkin, the USA continued Ukraine "In the fight against the Russian aggression supported".

The spokesman of the Russian prassident Dmitri Peskov criticized the exercise because the inner conflict in Ukraine has not yet been dissolved and the Minsk deal was not yet implemented. German soldiers were also involved in Ukraine manovals. On 20. July 2015 started on the Jaworowski Troop Office the two-week manobin "Saber Guardian / Rapid Trident-2015. At the Militarubung took 1.800 soldiers from 18 countries part. The two large quotas at the Manover put the Ukraine with 800 and the US with 500 soldiers. In addition, soldiers from USA, Canada, the Baltic States, Moldova, Romania, Germany, Great Britain and other NATO member countries participated in the exercise. *At the 14th. September 2015 launched the Ukrainian Canadian manove on the Jorowowski Troop Office "Operation Unifier", should last until March 2017. 300 Education from Canada Exercise Ukrainian soldiers in medical help, destruction of explosives, the protection of block items and the accompaniment of soldiers. The exercise should be adapted to the war conditions, bolted it from the pages of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Poroshenko: NATO accession of Ukraine in seven years

A NATO accession of Ukraine was probably only possible in seven years, Prasident Petro Poroshenko explained in an interview with the German wave. But Ukraine prepares intensively on this accession.

To the exercise of the German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, he see no perspective for the NATO accession of Ukraine, explained Poroshenko in the DW interview, which is not "the opinion of Germany, but the opinion Steinmeiers". Nobody knows, "What is the position of Germany in 2022". The consent of the Ukrainian population for NATO integration has grown from 16 percent in 2013 to 60 percent in 2015, the Ukrainian Prassident claimed in the interview.

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