Material deficiency brakes industry, price higher

Material deficiency brakes industry, price higher

Almost all are affected: subwared manufacturers as well as mobelbauer, producers of electrical apparatus, toys and plastic risules or car manufacturers. In 45 percent of german industrial companies, it lacks parts or materials, as a survey of the munchner ifo institute has resulted in. The result: bander stand still, the recovery from the corona crisis is thrown out, and so many product was more expensive.

"This new bottleneck was able to hover the recovery of the industry", warns ifo expert klaus wohlrabe. For 30 years, the institute asked every three months after part or lack of material – but never the proportion of affected companies was just so high.

Rubber and plastic

The manufacturers of rubber and plastic products are particularly strong, where 71.2 percent of problems report. The situation is customary, says michael weigent, member of the business administration at the total association of plastics processing industry. This time it concerns the complete width of the raw materials. By the bank there are thereby significant price increases, and often the companies got less material than they really wanted.

Behind it are several causes. So the demand in asia suded and strongly jumped, explains willing. In addition, works were made in europe and in the usa. An additional problem: with coarse systems you often need stable aubers temperatures to raise them. In the winter slump in texas unusable facilities musse will be served sometimes on the summer to restart them. Only at the end of the third quarter expects weigent with a normalization.

Price increases possible

Whether the lack affects the end consumers comes to the products. For example, in toys or pure plastic products, weighs expects price increases. If only the packaging made of plastic, it would probably not give a coarse effect.

However, on monday already warned the federal association of the subwaren industry before a lack of packaging material. But you hope that this would not lead to supply bottlenecks in sub-products. The consumer manufacturer henkel also confirmed the frankfurter general sunday newspaper bottleneck in packaging material and castle price higher.

Bander stand still

The automotive industry is hit by several pages. Almost two-thirds of their businesses report problems in the ifo survey. The chip deficiency is already a long topic. Numerous manufacturers had already exposed or shut down the production in individual works in recent weeks.

But even the lack of plastic products suggests in the auto industry, and individual steel materials are currently harder to procure as it is called by the association of the automotive industry. In the first half of the year, auto production in europe will be slightly lower than planned. In addition, the rubber industry contributes, which, among other things, the tire manufacturers also succumbed, also via the frown of the front.

Scarce raw materials

Further sectors, which are particularly strongly affected by ifo, are the manufacturers of electrical equipment and computers – here both the chip deficiency and lack of plastic parts were not felt noticeable. And also wood is scarce: more than half of the producers of artists as well as wooden, wicker and wicker goods reported by material deficiency.

For lack of parts and material, according to ifo researcher worsenness, the international logistics contributes. There is currently "sand in the gears". Among other things, it lacks containers. Also, the blockade of suezkanal in marz makes itself noticeable.

But there are also industries that are hardly affected: among other things the manufacturers of drinks, food and feed as well as the pharmaceutical industry.