Neighborhood dispute, version 2.0

The net as a modern pillory

When the Internet becomes a pillory, it’s really the end of the fun for those affected. And unfortunately such traps are not unique. So, for example, the ex-girlfriend is paraded around – preferably with a few sharp nude photos or a video on YouPorn. Teachers are graded by schoolchildren. Addresses together with photos of alleged sex offenders published. Or it is simply spread bad rumors about unpopular contemporaries. We seem to have to live with all of this, and taking legal action against it is usually very difficult for those affected.

From the USA now comes the very latest variant of an Internet pranger, which can best be described as "Neighborhood Dispute 2.0" describes. On, everyone can denounce his neighbor, everyone can describe how he feels disturbed or burdened by him. This is linked to a map based on GoogleMaps, on which the location of the event is precisely marked. And there is also a search engine, with which one can search one’s current or future neighborhood for potential truces.

Neighborhood dispute, version 2.0

"The people living in this house are so disrespectful, they blast music all hours of the night like moreons and they run around in their underpants in the evening like jungle people. they sit out in the front yard with roaches singing we are family…."

This site was founded by Brant Walker last summer. And the idea came to him because he felt disturbed by the smell of food from his neighbors: "Their cooking smelled pretty foul."He told the New York Post that the service was primarily intended for people who were planning to buy a house or an apartment. "People have the right to know if their neighbors are bad."

In any case, the offer is used abundantly. For example, NuttyBlonde from Indianapolis is currently complaining about the unusually permissive behavior of her neighbor:

This guy walks out to his mailbox every day with just his underwear on to get the mail. Also in the middle of the day, opens the front door and stands there naked. Really big as his belly hangs over his dong.

In Cincinnati, someone feels burdened by the barking of the neighbor’s dog:

This lady and man let their hound dog yelp for hours on end. Getting Cincinnati Police to do anything about it-Fat chance. To the lady and man that live there-For the love of Jesus Christ, if you don’t want your dog, give it away!!!!

And an Akron, Ohio, resident denounces his neighbor as a drug addict:

a guy named ralph lives here with a poor excuse for a spouse 2 unfortunate children. he’s a bad meth abuser smokes crack. keep your children away from this house

All this is then commented as in a net forum by other users often with relish, sometimes also violently criticized and has possibly also influence on the sales value of houses and properties. And since neighborhood disputes are a popular pastime in our country, such a "service" probably fell on fertile ground in Germany as well. Unfortunately!

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