Observability: atlassian wants to give jira-cloud users better insight

Observability: Atlassian wants to give Jira-Cloud users better insight

"Each company has data, but only a few have insights", is a conclusion that atlassian derives from his this year’s devops trend survey. Devops has established itself in many companies, but good fears still to understand the processes and can improve continuously. Here, atlassian liked four new devops metrics, which should help developers and developers at work in the jira software cloud – also beyond the atlassian tools.

Keep an eye on devops metrics

The new view "code in jira" develops development teams an overview of the last actively used repositories, regardless of whether the repo is in bitbucket, github, gitlab or the git integration for jira. If the finals are stored in the commit, branch name and pull request teams, jira can automatically track the activities in the respective repositories. Similar insights into the ci / cd pipelines also offers the new view "deployments in jira", which can represent the current state of a deployment pipeline based on the ies. This feature is not limited alone on bitbucket pipelines, but works overlooking tools like jenkins, azure devops, circle ci, octopus deploy and jfrog.

The two other new features "deployment frequency" and "cycle time" at first, users are reserved for a jira-software premium account and should be provided in the next few weeks. "Deployment frequency" and "cycle time" also tailored to users who have more extensive software production processes in view. For example, if it applies, the convenience of the delivery of new releases as mab for the productivity of developer teams supplies "deployment frequency" the necessary insights. "Cycle time" in addition, an overview of the progress in the individual segments of the development process failed to provide any problems or bottlenecks in the deployment pipeline.

Further details on the new features in atlassians jira software cloud can be found in the blog post to improve the additional devops metrics.