Omnisec: other swiss company sold manipulated enciphering gates

Omnisec: Other Swiss company sold manipulated enciphering gates

The cryptoleaks affare became known that the swiss company crypto ag has sold unsafe closure gates. As now known, another swiss crypto company has apparently delivered such devices – and even inland. These have been researching three swiss media organs.

Competitor of crypto ag supplied manipulated fax gates

The fact that it apparently gave a second provider of such weak cipher gates has already been indicated on the short press conference of the parliamentary business lending delegation (gpdel) without a name or details being mentioned. Now show research: the company omnisec is to be supplied as a competitor of the now saturated-breeding crypto ag in the mid-2000s several swiss security authorities with manipulated fax devices.

The two used swiss intelligence services were affected: the strategic intelligence service (snd) and the domestic intelligence service service for analysis and pravention (dap). The two organs were fused later for today’s community service of the federal (ndb). According to research, manipulated devices also bought the coarse bank ubs (and another coarsehood that is still unknown). This now reported the "round show" swiss television (srf), the weekly newspaper (woz) and the online magazine republic.

Customers were swiss registry

Unlike crypto ag, omnisec gerato was not only supplied to foreign governments and militars, but also to domestic customers such as snd, dap and ubs. The resistances noted in the mid-2000s that the devices were unsure, the srf. According to "cryptomuseum", a kind of wiki for the history of cryptography companies and the intelligence services, but also came the closing gates for international swift bank transactions from gretag. So name, from the end of the 50s to the early 1990s, the kryptochorse (father name omnisec) based in the canton zurich.

In 1991, the us telecom group att from the ciba acquired the arm of gretmand ag, which developed civilian intermediaries, and called them in gretday data systems (gds). According to cryptomuseum, the cia should have received full control over the closure techniques. Gds, in turn, was taken over by the us company ire (later safenet) in 1995, founded by two former nsa engineers.

Cia and bnd showed fruh’s interest

Since the 1950s, it should have always been given to acquisition and takeover tests of us services and also the bnd. The cia and the german federal assessment service, known since the 1970s, to the crypto ag (bnd rose in 1993) and their cryptographic algorithms. Therefore, gretag ag should have been the secret services a mandrel in mind, as it was not only a rough competition for crypto ag, but allegedly hardly any of the data traffic, which ran on gretaggeras, from the services could be decided. Cryptomuseum according to, only seven percent of the data flow should have been and the rest "unreadable", not for decisions. This was not for the cipher gates of gretday competitor crypto ag, especially if crypto / cia / bnd delivered the manipulated devices to spicy states.

Already in 1987, ciba decided, the "authorities" business unit, which offered so successful uncrossed communication technology for governments, to fail. Always gross should also have the prere of foreign intelligence services. According to the republic, however, the swiss federal office for rustung called on and demanded that highly sensitive cipher gates were not allowed to be sold to any foreign customer. The federal government saw the state security in danger. A new owner had come from switzerland and should be funded with swiss capital, writes republic.

A geneva high-tech holding called argonium sa then took over the krypto business with governments and militar. The new company received the name omnisec. However, the relationships of the new owners were askwurround. Thus, according to the republic, argonium was founded one month before the lawyer urs ingold, who should have worked for the military intelligence service, subgroup intelligence service and defense. He should also have surfaced in documents of the cia.

Many questions open, hardly answers

For years there have been various signs for an influence of foreign intelligence services, write the three researching swiss media. Never, however, was something concrete. Well, according to the mentioned press conference of the gpdel and the research of the three media organs, a lot more tangible, but of course there are many open questions in the room. Answers from people and agents who are familiar with the relevant ratios that contributed responsibility, but hardly came.

As the srf reports, on request, neither the ministry of defense, the confederation of the confederation, nor the government (bundesrat) wanted to research. Is unknown, the srf, whether the parliamentary supervision of the intelligence service, the publishing delegation (gpdel), examines the case omnisec. Gpdel prasident alfred army wool do not comment.

"New dimension of intelligent staffare"

Different political places are alarmed. Thus, the zurchen fdp national council and long-term bankers hans-peter portmann refers to this in srf as a new dimension in the intelligence staffare: "there is the question of domestic espionage." not only does he call that it is clarified which federal agencies had known whether the economy had been warned and what role of the federal council played. A parliamentary investigation commission (puk) has already been demanded for the affare for crypto ag. If parliament will declare this step, so, for example, the demand of the woz, the excursions around omnisec had to be revealed.

Incidentally, the end of omnisec kurios was also. According to the republic, in 2015, the then company chief, clemens chamber, uber his private company clemar capital management ag bought his own employer omnisec. Two years later omnisec then handed over his former mother company argonium. Member of both administrative rates was chamber.

The last day of omnisec already hit 2018. According to the company owner chamber, the market was collapsed for trapping technology, he said back at that time "inside it". Whereupon the company, which was systematically settled according to observers, final the gates castle. In the same year as the crypto ag.