S – 4 hana: long-term favorable with power systems

S-4 Hana: Long-term favorable with power systems

From the beginning saps erp system s / 4 hana should be convinced by simplicity. However, this was not for the hardware, because initially mab-tailored appliances should serve as the basis with an intel processor. But this has now changed how berthold wesseler reports in the current ix 10/2020.

S / 4 hana sets suse linux enterprise server or red hat enterprise linux as operating system. These are not only running with intel, but also with power cpus. Customers can now use conventional systems with these processors. However, amds epyc remains in front, sap buried this with the intensive use of processor-specific instruction set extensions – correspondingly complex goods a port.

However, for s / 4 hana are now many hardware providers. This also includes zwolf power models. Put companies on them, they can save money in the long term, as though the hardware itself is more expensive, the total cost of operation is significantly lower.

What power10 means for the future of s / 4 hana and how the choice between sles and rhel can fail, readers in the article.